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Nerds Heart YA Round 2 Selection

the two books passed along to me and Rebecca of My Reading Frenzy were:


i can totally understand why both of these books progressed from the first round. they are both so different from anything else i've read lately, and each present a unique perspective and experience.

for Bleeding Violet, some seriously wacky and dark and spooky stuff goes down. Hanna is prone to hallucinations, which makes her move to the small Texas town of Portero even more crazy. Portero has it's own bizarre stuff happening, so when you throw Hanna into that mix, you better make sure you're belted in tight because it's going to be a wild ride. i felt compassion and a real connection with Hanna, despite her crazy situation.

for Abe in Arms, i recognized what the author was trying to do. the subject of teenage PTSD is not one that's often discussed in YA literature, yet is an absolute reality for many. repressed memories strike back at Abe and shake him out of his ideal existence and force him to face his past. a past that would be much easier to just leave behind...but if Abe wants to move forward, he has to go back.  again, i recognized what the author was trying to do here...but it never really clicked. i agree with Rebecca's insight that the dialogue is what held this book back. it felt clunky, awkward, and definitely not out of the mouth of teenagers. there was a ton of potential that just didn't blossom in this one.

so, after chatting about it, Rebecca and i chose to advance Bleeding Violet to Round 3!

what about you? have you read either of these books? if so, what did you think?

keep up with the Nerds Heart YA Tournament through their blog or on Twitter. i know i'll be curious to see what books advance!

thanks again to the Nerds Heart YA team for allowing me to be a part of this tournament!

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  1. I feel like these two books shouldn't have even been up against one another. Bleeding Violet is the type of book most people will enjoy and I'm kind of disappointed by this decision. Admittedly, I chose Abe in Arms in the first round so maybe I'm just biased (though I read Bleeding Violet when it first came out and loved it). The dialog didn't bother and I connected with Abe more than Hanna. Plus, how often do books deal with male sexual trauma? Maybe those are the wrong reasons to pick one book over another though. It was easier with the first round because both books dealt with war and young people.

  2. hey Alana, thanks for your comment. i agree that they were two totally different books. i know it's hard for there to always be similar books up against each other, and that's one of the reasons why Rebecca focused our decision on the quality of writing and dialogue.

    don't get me wrong, Abe in Arms has some important things to say and sheds some light on some seldom talked about things, and i am going to continue to recommend it to others.


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