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there's no shame in a dnf

you guys, this is my fave meme. and it's not just because i think Ginger is amazing or because tons of bloggers are linking up each week or because the image is so cute. it's not even because i love the word meme (which i pronounce may-may in my head). it's because some seriously rad questions are asked and everyone provides some insightful and funny responses. yeah, it's pretty cool.

this week the lovely Ginger asks:

Blogger Confession: What's the last book you did not finish? (or had a hard time finishing?)

can we just admit that not all books are for all people, all of the time? because the sooner we admit that - the easier we will be on ourselves and on others.

for instance. i know people loved A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY by Libba Bray. i LOVE Libba Bray as a person and think she's hilarious and awesome. but i could not get into AGaTB. at all. i read the whole thing and it was like pulling teeth. my OWN teeth. but i did it because people insisted it was amazing and the best thing ever. and for them, it was and that's great and i'm happy that they're happy. but for me, it was not something i enjoyed. and that's okay.

the last book i had a hard time finishing is actually getting reviewed later this week - THE KISSING GAME by Aidan Chambers. i think sometimes i set myself up for failure when i think i know what a book is about and then it's totally not what it's about at all. this was certainly the case for TKG, unfortunately. you'll see more about that later this week (thanks for the sweet timing, G!).

i've been in kind of a book snob mood lately. i think this happens when i read a series of very well written books by great authors and then move on to books that are average. does this ever happen to you? do you ever snob out about what you're reading?

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  1. 1. Yes, I am a total book snob. I am also a music snob, but that isn't the question this week. Both of these titles, I embrace and wear with pride.

    2. I too read A Great and Terrible Beauty and had a really hard time getting into it. Even when I finished it, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. It took me few days after I read it to decide that I liked it. I am now reading Rebel Angels. (Almost halfway through, can I get a HOLLA?!?!) The second book is much better than the first. It moves way better and smoother and all that jazz. And I hear the third one is even better but way freakin long. So, yeah, there's my two cents.

  2. I tried that one too and didn't finish it. I wanted to like it so bad!

  3. Yes I do. Its also been harder because since I started my blog (not to long ago) I was opened up to new and different books in YA that I didn't know about or wouldn't have picked up right away. Some books have been harder to read after reading something I devowered. For example I read Passion (loved it) then I read Forest of Hands and Teeth (which I like alot but was so much harder to read). Now Im reading The Goddess Test. So Im skipping all over. It really is hard.
    Thanks for sharing. I haven't read either one of these yet.

  4. A read AGTB a while back and I remember liking it so when I picked up the sequel I thought I should re-read the first one, and I couldn't do it... which is weird because at one point I did like it!

  5. I love Libba too and I read the AGTB Series but her novel Bovine- yeah I hated that one....!!!

  6. Hehe..on the snobbery! I totally get what you mean, that happened to me when i read the Vampire Academy series, i was in a happy daze on cloud 9 with the characters, story and all! And i got really snooty about my books for a while! :P The first line- so true! I haven't read Libba Bay yet, but I've seen it around so often now, i should put it on my TBR right away!!But sometime I've noticed even moods can effect your opinion of books!!
    Here is my TGIF
    Have a good weekend!:)
    P.S. I love the layout, that and the owl are adorable!Im your newest follower!:D

  7. I actually haven't read any of Libba's books. haha book snob. I just finished Mara Dyer and I've been a huge snob after that.

  8. Tina - i want to read GOING BOVINE because the premise seems so trippy and awesome!

    Vy - i've heard such great things about Mara. soon i'll find out what all the fuss is about! :)


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