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so this isn't my usual scene, but i saw a cover duplicate that really steamed my broccoli. (see! i told you i'd use the phrase!)

and of course i'm here to share it with you. you're welcome.

          Not That Kind Of Girl

really. did they just take a bunch of up close pictures of these two kissing and touching faces? ugh.

that being said, i'm obviously going to read both of the books, but will be ashamed of the covers.

[images from goodreads]

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  1. Lol i so agree with you! No covers should ever be the same. The covers are apart of what make the book awesome!! Stop by the blog anytime. I'd love to hear from you!!


  2. LOL That's why I love my Nook: Nobody can see the embarrassing covers! I have seen a lot of the similar cover thing going on lately!

  3. Dude I own both of these books and never saw that! I must be blind lol...

  4. Lisa. You have to read these books because they are TWO OF MY FAVORITES OF ALL TIME. Hilarity and kissing are involved. Though I think you could have assumed as much from the skanky covers.

  5. Oh yes - ignore the covers & read the goodness between them. They are 2 of my FAVORITES. And I know you already trust my judgment ;-) so get to it & READ THEM!!!

  6. Eek! Kissy covers make me cringe and blush. I completely cannot deal with them...outside of the fact that these are totally copycatting each other.

    That's nut-so!


  7. Tara - happens to the best of us! you must not judge books by their covers...i envy you.
    Anna - no worries dude, i'm still going to read them. 10 things is happening next, actually.
    G - i certainly do trust!
    Ash - seriously, the cringing.


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