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why i like to game solo

this article by Brandon Hoang at Dorkly had me loling something fierce.

while my brother and i rarely played video games together, we played enough to touch on just about all of these. particularly #5.

also, he uses the phrase "steams my broccoli". i am totally stealing that and using it as much as humanly possible...
"Nothing steamed my broccoli more than when I’d come back from a quick bathroom break (usually caused by chugging one too many Yoshi Berry sodas) only to see something was seriously wrong. I could have sworn we had eight guys left. Didn’t we? How do we only have seven now? Oh what the… did he use one of the Energy Tanks I was saving for when it was my turn!?"

to laugh to keep from crying, check the article for yourself. and then call your brother/sister/best friend and bitch them out because NO, JUSTIN, i still haven't forgotten that you turned off Final Fantasy 7 to play Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey and it took me FOREVER TO GET BACK TO THE SAME PLACE AND TO A SAVE POINT. <end nerdrage>

full article here via Dorkly.

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  1. I once erased my eldest brother's memory card. He wasn't amused. But he got his own back when he erased our old PC's harddrive and my final level Tomb Raider 3 save was lost forever. To this day, I cannot play TR3 without getting really frustrated ^^;

  2. my husband once accidentally erased his Zelda: Twilight Princess save while being a turd to me and blamed it on me. seriously, what's with that?! :)

    video games will always cause drama, methinks.

  3. I just came across this (Alright, alright I Google'd to see if anyone else was linking it).

    Thank you for the support!



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