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5 book blogs you should read

image from Ginger at GReads!

you guys, this is my fave meme. and it's not just because i think Ginger is amazing or because tons of bloggers are linking up each week or because the image is so cute. it's not even because i love the word meme (which i pronounce may-may in my head). it's because some seriously rad questions are asked and everyone provides some insightful and funny responses. yeah, it's pretty cool.

this week the lovely Ginger asks:

Book Blogs That Make You Smile: Pick 5 book blogs you visit often & think others should, too.

initial reaction: ONLY FIVE? fidsajifdjafu98u8ajdfa
<after 30 seconds of freaking out> okay...i can do this...

5 book blogs i adore, spend too much time perusing, and totally think you should check out. HERE WE GO.

Insightful, Personal, Musical: GReads! 
i'm not just saying this because she hosts TGIF (and other rad memes). and i'm not just saying this because i think Ginger herself is amazing. and i'm NOT just saying that you need to check out her blog because she's someone i would totally spend entirely too much time with if i still lived in Houston. i tell you to check out her blog because her reviews are an excellent balance of personal reflection and critical analysis. she has a fresh voice, creative ideas, and a spark that you can see and feel in everything she does. 

Concise, Silly, Solid: Anna Reads
this girl is the MASTER of short reviews. i strive to be a reviewer like Anna. i always - ALWAYS - read her reviews because they are concise...yet still get to the core of the book. she has a way with words that turns me green and her humor is subtly infused and makes her a go-to blogger.

Varied, Warm, Creative: Read. Breathe. Relax. 
first of all, Lisa's blog is totally chic. girl knows her way around a layout, that's fo sho. but beyond that, her posts on Steampunk Jewelry or her amazingly unique analysis of books or just her musings on themes in YA are all reasons you need to be stopping by her blog. she's warm, friendly, insightful, and her blog is like nothing else i read. i love it.

Energy, CAPS, Sincere: Makeshift Bookmark
Jen is a lovely, sweet, genuine and HIGH COMEDY girl with a ton to say. and all of it is worth hearing. her reviews feel like you're sitting at a Starbucks sipping a white mocha and hearing her dish. it's natural, yet organized. she takes blogging seriously enough that you can feel the thought behind her reviews without it being forced or rigid. also, she loves cheese and so do i. 

Classic, Trendsetter, Thoughtful: The Story Siren.
yeah yeah yeah, i KNOW i put her on just about every blogging list ever...but there's a reason. Kristi has her poop in a group like no one else i know. she reads like a fiend, pumps out quality reviews that are brief AND thoughtful, interviews authors, has loads of giveaways, and is an absolute gem to boot. there's a reason shes the top followed YA blog (i don't know if that's actually true. i assume it is because she's the shit). if you don't already follow her, you're seriously missing out. 

oh boy. there are TONS more i want to throw out here - but i will resist! please peep over at my "blogs i follow" on the sidebar to see other ones that i read on the daily. 

and be sure to link it up over at GReads! today! i look forward to hearing what blogs you read on the reg. 

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. SMOOCHES. And yes, I do stalk you so hardcore that I read this the instant you posted. That's how much I adore you what what!

  2. Hi Lisa! I'm a new follower! Ginger had the most awesome things to say about you on her TGIF! And thanks for the great blog recommendations!! :D

  3. lisa.... you crack me up! ha! poop in a group! LOVE IT! And how very honored i feel to be on this list with those other awesome bloggers who I very much respect and adore. YOURSELF included. You are awesome, I am so very much enjoy stopping by your blog. Thanks for being you!

  4. awww LISA! <3 so much love for you, it's ridiculous. I swear we were meant to be BFFs. Like I said (so many times before!) your blog inspires me to keep it real. I love your fresh voice & how personal everything you touch comes out. You're quite possibly one of my most favorite things about book blogging <3 LOVE!

  5. I am rolling... what a funny post.

  6. You had me at Triforce. YOU HAD ME AT TRIFORCE.

  7. I definitely agree - I love Ginger & Kristi. They're fantastic bloggers. And I'm checking out the rest of your recommendations too ;)

    Kristi - you teach us all, my friend. you = boss.
    Ginger - we are totes long distance bff. i don't care how creepy it is, it's happening.
    Madigan - :P
    Jen - LINKKKKK
    Alexa - you won't regret it!

  9. Lisa- you are seriously THE flippin BEST!! Thanks so much for mentioning me and my humble blog :) I really appreciate the super kind words you said about me too!

    This is the time when I wish my fave bloggers lived closer! I hope one day we can meet in person for a Lisa-fest. :) haha!!

    P.S. What Ginger said about you is totally true- you are HILARIOUS and you don't even have to try. Plus, I love your awesome perspective on...everything!


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