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add it to the list is my version of In My Mailbox, hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren.

Scholastic, September 2011
received from Amazon Vine

From the bestselling author of THE BOOK THIEF
Before THE BOOK THIEF, Markus Zusak wrote a trilogy of novels about the Wolfe Brothers: THE UNDERDOG, FIGHTING RUBEN WOLFE, and GETTING THE GIRL. Cameron and Ruben Wolfe are champions at getting into fights, coming up with half-baked schemes, and generally disappointing girls, their parents, and their much more motivated older siblings. They're intensely loyal to each other, brothers at their best and at their very worst. But when Cameron falls head over heels for Ruben's girlfriend, the strength of their bond is tested to its breaking point.

We're proud to present these novels together for the first time, and to be introducing American readers to THE UNDERDOG, never before published in the United States. Fans of THE BOOK THIEF won't want to miss reading the novels that launched Markus Zusak's stellar career. [summary from Goodreads.com]
Amazon Crossing, November 2011
received from Amazon Vine

A historical novel based on the board game of the same title, set in the Viking era about the year 850 AD. [summary from Goodreads.com]
(i can't believe this is real. i don't know whether to laugh or cry!)
Quirk Books, October 2011
received from Eric at Quirk Publishing

Microcrafts introduces readers to a world of miniature arts and crafts—each of the 25 projects are no larger than a spool of thread! Simple step-by-step instructions, color photographs, and hand-drawn illustrations provide everything you need to craft scraps of fabric, yarn, and recyclables into tiny treasures.

You’ll find tips and tricks for micropapercrafting, microsewing, microcrochet, and even microgardening, plus whimsical ideas for modifying microcrafts into accessories you can wear. No previous crafting experience or pricey materials necessary, just a love of all things small! [summary from Goodreads.com]
thanks to everyone who gave me some Klout so i could get this goodness! here's a closer look at my designs. could be coming soon to a mailbox near you! :)

what did you get in your mailbox and add to your list this week?!

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  1. My Moo cards came in the mail as well! But of course, after I made my IMM for this week. I was too lazy to to add them to the post this week, lol.

    I'm curious about Underdogs!

  2. Ooo, I didn't realise Markus Zusak had a new book out, I will have to investigate that! Hope you enjoy it and have a great week :)

  3. Wait. Back up. Rewind. Settlers of Catan is a BOOK?! Did the book come before or after the board game? I don't think I've ever heard of a book being based on a board game! I'm a board game freak so if this is the beginning of a new trend, I'm in.

  4. i want to see your cards, Jacinda!

    Kelly - YES. i am thrilled at this news. :)

  5. i want a moo card for a bookmark. so much.



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