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homemade zombie goodness

dudes, i love Halloween. a WHOLE LOT. and last Halloween was especially awesome, thanks to The Walking Dead.

season two kicks off this Sunday, so it's been on the front of my mind these past few days. so imagine my nerdish glee when i was pointed in the direction of a fan-made introduction to the series that is BETTER than the one on tv. i know.

this discovery was made possible by extrahotgreat.

also, if you didn't know, it's based off a comic.


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  1. Wow, that is better than what's on TV! I can't wait for season two.

  2. I can't view this from work.. will check it out when I get home.. but hubby and I are so hooked on this show.. cant wait till sunday! :)

    the tv peeps need to get on this mess.


  4. Is there anywhere online or netflix or whatever that I can watch the first season? Maybe I should see if my library has the first season...Let me know if you find anything!

  5. Tara - ME EITHER!
    Jacinda - on Netflix!


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