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i just love Tyrion Lannister

young thug, overflowing with swag
okay before you say anything Game of Thrones related - I AM ONLY ON BOOK 3. 

do not spoil anything for me or i will sob and hate you forever and sob some more.


as was featured in Shelf Awareness, Tyrion Lannister has a literary mixtape. you know, because "Tyrion is a thinking man’s dwarf, so no corny music for him. Instead, he’d listen to purposeful rock, hip-hop for grinding up on the ladies, and songs to make him throw his shoulders back." (from article)

the mixtape is safe for anyone who has read the first Game of Thrones book, or seen the HBO series. in fact, even if you haven't, i don't see anything worrysome in the post, aside from one minor and seemingly unimportant fact that is discussed promptly.

thanks to Shelf Awareness for the heads up and to Flavorwire for putting it together. for the record, my favorite track off the mixtape is "Girls" by Beastie Boys (obviously. i listen to Licensed to Ill at least weekly.)

because, after all, Winter is Coming. bwahahahaha!

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  1. I am going to start reading this series soon for book club and I am PUMPED. I've heard nothing but awesome things... so we must discuss when I finish the first book :)

  2. i am PUMPED for you as well! much discussion will happen. <333

  3. I think you are my tv soul mate! Game of Thrones is my tv true love I swear! But why does Sean Bean always get the shaft. Killed in Lord of the Rings and then in Game of Thrones, poor guy. I've read the first book and the show was so ON IT! I love it.

  4. As Soulja Boy once ruminated:

    "Hopped up out the bed,
    Turn my swag on,
    Took a look in the mirror said what's up
    Yeah I'm getting money (oh"

  5. oh my lord.
    it stares at me.
    after The Knife, i promise.


  6. Victorie - I THINK SO.
    April - you get me.
    Ash - YAYYYYY.


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