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in which i blatantly plug Avatar: The Last Airbender

guys, let's get real for a moment. i know you like to watch quality tv shows that make you think, make you laugh, and are generally awesome.

i have a show that i think you will adore. that show is Avatar: The Last Airbender. i've recently started another rewatch of this, and i am itching to share the experience with someone. okay, share it with EVERYONE.

i've even prepared a list of reasons why you should watch, why i love it so, and dispel some myths that may hold you back.

what it is:
in a nutshell, it's a three season series following a young man named Aang and his friends, who have to save the world by defeating the oppressive Fire Lord and ending the war against all nations. hilarity, sadness, hope and challenges ensue. there are 4 tribes - Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. the Fire Nation decided they were superior and set out to destroy the Avatar (who is master of all elements, and the only one who can keep them in line). the Avatar is reborn into different tribes and in order to destroy the Avatar, they had to destroy the entire Air nation.

why you should watch:
Great Story. the reason you should watch (or read) anything, ever. the fact that there are only 3 seasons tell you that they were intentional and tight with the writing. everything takes place for a reason, characters grow and develop, and the plot is thought out and complete.
Great Characters. at first, it may seem as if there is A Funny One and A Serious One and An Evil One but you will soon discover that they are so deep, intricate, and authentic that you will want to know more about them and are surprised and impressed with each of their developments.
Serious Issues. this is one of those shows you can take at surface value, which is totally enjoyable and still worthwhile, or you can look at the deeper issues happening. on the base is a battle of good and evil, but deeper there is the challenge of who we are called to be. there is the challenge of acceptance from our friends, our parents, and our selves. there is the challenge of doing what is right, doing what is necessary, and doing something that scares the living crap out of you. there are many more...but i leave you with those.
High Comedy. i can promise you that you will giggle, snort, or even full out bust a gut with every episode. it's one of those that builds upon itself and inside jokes start to form - and you're in on them! also, some things are just plain silly and that's all right with me.
Quality Writing. the main characters are all teens or preteens, and they act as such. sometimes they are broody, angsty, confused, jerkfaces, or flippant. and at other times they are thoughtful, patient, insightful, caring, and impressive. in other words - THEY ARE TEENAGERS. real, complicated, and authentic teenagers. it takes solid writing to create dialogue, situations, and resolutions that involve teenagers and is still totally believable. this show does it well.
It's Accessible. you can watch the entire series on Netflix by disk or watch instantly.

allow me to dispel some myths:
"I don't want to watch it because it's a cartoon." listen - if you don't want to watch an ANIMATED show because you think it's not going to be of the same caliber, sophistication, or creativity as shows with live actors, you are just plain WRONG. i will throw Batman: The Animated Series in your face as proof of intrinsic, dark, and sophisticated writing and run away jumping for joy because i have obviously proven my point. don't let the fact that this is animated hold you back.
"I don't like fantasy stuff like that." okay first of all, if this is your concern, i'm not sure why you're even reading this OR spending time at my blog. but, if for some reason you are here and this is your concern, let me tell you that the world building is creative, yet not difficult to understand. Aang has been 'gone' for 100 years, so they often explain things to him (and you), so you won't fall behind. ever. also, they can harness and use the elements - HOW RAD IS THAT?!
"It's a kids show, no thank you." see the argument for "I don't want to watch it because it's a cartoon". and then also remember that things written for teens, young adults, and children are often of the same quality, intent, and loving care of things that are written for adults.
"I just don't want to." please, i beg of you, watch the first episode. if you're not interested in ANY character or ANY development or laugh at least ONE TIME, then get back to me and we can talk about what's wrong with your brain. (i kid...kind of).
"I saw the movie, and it sucked." yeah, i know. it really did. like a WHOLE LOT. i am embarrassed for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender everywhere on behalf of that abomination. scratch everything you saw, purge your brain, rinse your retinas, and start over. unless you're in the uberminority like Asheley, who almost damaged our wonderful and beautiful friendship by telling me she 'kind of liked it'. thankfully, i adore her enough to see past it...but just barely.

if you have watched Avatar: The Last Airbender in any capacity, please let me know in the comments! i'd love to geek out with you!

if you haven't watched A:TLA and are thinking about it, let me know that too!

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. I loved the Avatar: The Last Airbender series! At first, I really didn't think I would but a friend of mine sat me down and had me watch it and I was hooked. I'm so happy you're posting about it today! :)

  2. this is wonderful. people definitely need to wise up and see this avatar: the last airbender is pure genius! definitely one of the best animated shows ever.

    i'm allergic to statements like "I don't like fantasy stuff like that."

    also, the facial expressions they give aang are hilarious. i love it. this is golden.


  3. Not only have I watched Avatar the last Airbender, I spent an insane amount of money just so that I can own it, and forced all my friends to watch it. Now they LOVE it. All of them. I ♥ Avatar so much it is. not. healthy.

    The movie sucked so bad. Ugh. I don't even want to got there. You are my new favorite person. We need to geek out.

    Just a YA Girl

  4. I've always been a big fan of A:TLA!!! I'm seriously thinking about buying the entire series just so I can watch it again and again! I don't think I'm ever going to see the movie, though. That would probably ruin some of A:TLA's enjoyment for me lol

  5. Alexa - yay! give your awesome friend a high five for me.
    Ash - much love.
    Trish - YAY! there is no such thing as a not healthy obsession with A:TLA.
    Morgan - i support your decision!

  6. Oh my love. A:TLA is baller. I freaking love Katara and Aang. Another show I obsessed over on Netflix. I am geeking out over the Batman reference since I am a fan of all things Batman!

    xoxoxo Victorie

  7. Sooo....is this on Nickelodeon? I should start putting this on for my son to watch, he would probably LOVE it!

  8. jacinda - it was on Nick, back in the day. the series is complete now, but i have no doubt your son would fall in loooooove!

  9. I love this show!! I wasn't allowed to watch it when it first came around, but my fiance made me watch the whole series a couple summers ago and it totally rocked. The movie, however, did not. Sokka is totally awesome :]


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