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kick ass heroines in YA


and so does Tor. check out this fabulous article over at one of my favorite websites of all time everrrrr.

i especially like Tamora Pierce's thoughts on feminism.

"Pierce discussed how upsetting it was for her, who grew up during the feminist revolution in the ‘70s, to arrive at college and have women saying that “real” feminists were gay or celibate. (“I was neither,” she quipped.) This debate extends to her female characters, as mentioned above. “The whole point of what we did was giving every woman the power to choose how they wanted to live,” she said. “Not to present only restrictions on women, but to present the possibilities that come from being female.”
“The thing about being female,” Friesner said, “is that it makes us think there’s only one way to be female. I’ll bet there’s at least two or three, or six, different ways in this very room. There is no one female… Sometimes the biggest battle is ‘This is what you should be doing,’ handed down by the feminists or by the anti-feminists.”

full article here. 

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  1. Definitely give me a good kick-ass heroine any day ! It's always fun reading stories with strong female characters and watching them learn, grow and basically be amazing.

    Tamora Pierce is a great example of a writer who gives us strong female protagonists in her books. Plus, she's amazing at telling stories! :)


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