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nba drama update

Lauren Myracle is interviewed by Vanity Fair.

she is graceful and understanding and honest.

"I honestly think it was a clerical error, and from there, there was some mismanagement for sure that didn’t need to happen . . . but it did."

let us follow her example.

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  1. She's amazing. I have so much respect and admiration for that woman!

  2. thanks for the update. i'm super interested in this story.


  3. i seriously thought this was going to be about the national basketball association owners locking players out from a season and got really excited. but the article was just as interested a read.

  4. I would love to hear what Franny Billingsly (the author of Chime - the book that got to stay in the line-up) has to say about this whole debacle. She's another really talented writer, and a sensitive soul.

  5. eriks - i knew you would! but i am glad you were interested in the rest of it.
    madigan - that is SUCH a good point. i haven't heard anything from her perspective yet, but will certainly keep my eye out.

  6. Love this post. Short and perfect. Love that she did the whole scandal gracefully.


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