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Review: Splendor by Anna Godbersen

in a sentence or so: passions are indulged, hearts are broken, and people are going to die. the drama between the Schoonmakers, Hollands, and the other social elite of 1900 New York comes to a thrilling conclusion.

if you have not read the other books in the series, there will be some serious spoilers for those. not for Splendor (book 4), but for the events that lead us here. i’ll be as vague as i can...but consider yourself warned.

i definitely recommend the series, so if you’re interested in checking out my reviews, you can do so here:
The Luxe (Luxe #1), Rumors (Luxe #2), and Envy (Luxe #3).

there are several storylines to wrap up that have equal amounts of intrigue, secrecy, and lavish splendor. Elizabeth Holland is preggo with Will’s baby and has big decisions to make regarding her future. her biggest challenge is keeping herself, and her baby, safe from some very unexpected threats and seriously shady dudes.

Carolina Broad took the phrase “fake it til you make it” to heart, and is an overnight heirress. she has her eyes set on a handsome suitor who seems to be equally into her. but can she keep her whole Peasant Girl Past in check and pay off all the right people in time to make her wildest dreams come true?

Henry and Diana continue to be starcrossed lovers who try to make their relationship work. they have a deep and devoted love to one another, but circumstances beyond their control continue to keep them apart. now that they’ve had the taste of being really, truly, and deeply in love, surely nothing can stop them!

Penelope continues to be a raging beeyotch and starts to unabashedly throw her affection towards a foreign prince. wild passionate rendezvous’s ensue. she’s much more subdued in this one, which is mega disappointing. i loved her crazy cattiness and her calculating nature! alas, she thinks has found her true match in the prince so she’s throwing all her eggs in that basket. which is totally uncharacteristically risky of her, but hey, we all do crazy things trying to woo royalty.

the drama, along with the lavish descriptions of dress, setting, and emotion are present to the very end of the series. yes, i know that Diana has a heart shaped face and that Carolina has freckles...but something about the repetition of these elements, combined with detailed descriptions on what they’re wearing, has a soap opera comfort for me that i can’t deny.

in a very fitting end to a luxiourious series, Godberson flaunts her writing so that the reader continues to feel completely immersed into the 1900 New York socialite drama. and i loved every page. perhaps the fact that this series is a guilty pleasure for me allows me to indulge that much more!

if you’re looking for a series that’s Gossip Girl meets 1900 New York, rich with drama, setting, bitchy girls and sordid romance, The Luxe series is for you! just let go and sink in to the vibrant taffeta folds of the gowns and let Godberson’s writing wash over you.
fave quote: "Look at her, she is made of rose petals, the world will take good care of her. And if it does not, we will have our hearts moved by such an exquisitely gorgeous tragedy." (271)
fix er up: this one lacked that same spark and crazy twists as the previous ones...but then again, she did need to wrap it all up. overall, i was pleased with the conclusions for all of our characters - albeit surprised. title: Splendor (Luxe #4)
author: Anna Godberson
genre: Historical Fiction, Chick Lit
publishing info: 2009, HarperTeen [ftc notice: i received a copy of this book from my local library. yay libraries! i wasn't compensated for this review.]

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