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tbr tower, meet your DOOM.

image from Ginger at GReads!

you guys, this is my fave meme. and it's not just because i think Ginger is amazing or because tons of bloggers are linking up each week or because the image is so cute. it's not even because i love the word meme (which i pronounce may-may in my head). it's because some seriously rad questions are asked and everyone provides some insightful and funny responses. yeah, it's pretty cool.

this week the lovely Ginger asks:

To-Be-Read's: How big is your pile? Which book keeps getting pushed down the stack, but you keep meaning to read it?

in a word: GINORMOUS. yeah, that's the word i'm choosing. deal with it.

actually, i constantly struggle with my tbr. but lately, i've made several decisions that are helping me cope with it:

1. decide what books to read in a given month. this way, i can see what's ahead of me and keep excited about upcoming books! also, i can mix new books with old books, review books with purchased books, etc.
2. schedule reviews. i've gotten substantially better at scheduling posts (and just setting placemarkers on the calendar) with Google Calendar. it's a good reminder for me to finish a book by a certain date and keep me on track. i'm totally goal oriented.
3. seriously limit review requests. this ebbs and flows, depending on how excited i am about a certain title (or how excited others think i should be about a certain title)...but i've finally gotten a handle on limiting my requests to what i can handle. for the most part. 

here are my top TBR books (as of my current mood at this current moment. this is constantly subject to change, which is the need for the previously listed decisions):

what about you? how do you manage the TBR pile? what are the books you really really REALLY want to read, but just haven't gotten around to yet?  be sure to let me know AND link it up over at GReads!

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  1. Google Calendar is my best friend. For real.

  2. Absolutely True Diary and The Name Of The Wind are among my top 50 favorite books EVER.

    Get the hell off the internets and read them SOON! :-D

  3. i've already discussed my inability to decide what to read within a given month and i'll forever be in awe of you for doing this. my mind works in an hourly fashion, i tell you.

    but, i DO know that i would be a MESS without the colorful nature of Google Calendar.

    i could make you a list of books i really, REALLY want to read, but you don't EVEN have the time to read it. yep, it's THAT long.


  4. Google docs spreadsheet is the ONLY way I know how many NetGalley books I have and I think I am behind in updating it.

    My TBR piles make me sad.

    It would be nice to get ahead.

    Here's my TGIF post

  5. I'm with you, I seriously limit my review requests. Reading was starting to become like a job for me, so it was either that or I knew I'd burn out.

  6. I've recently limited my requests also.

  7. I've started using google calendar for post/book planning as well. I really do think it helps to have a visual...doesn't do anything to decrease my TBR as I add faster than I read, lol, but makes me feel more in control of it all! ha!

  8. April - i'm waiting to start TNotW until i'm caught up with GoT. but soon!
    Ash - lists are ALWAYS helpful! :)
    Tillie - don't be sad! be HAPPY at your organization!
    Tara - agreed.
    Librarian - it's so helpful!


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