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little bit of love, but mostly hate.

image from Ginger at GReads!

welcome to my favorite meme! this is hosted by Ginger of GReads (who just might be the coolest girl ever) and is a chance for book bloggers to share a little bit more about their bookish habits. she asks some seriously rad questions and people usually have really cool stuff to share. so here we go!

this week, Ginger the Awesome asks:

Love-Hate Relationship: Which characters from a book do you love to hate?

Ginger really stumped me with this one. i love to love LOVABLE characters. but, if i really think about it, there are a two archetypes i love to hate...

The Mean Old Woman. she's always trying to foil our happy and adorable main character's plans. what's her deal! why is she so awful! leave us alone! solid examples of this are M'Lady Luggertuck from Horton Halfpott and Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter and the ice queen from The Chronicles of Narnia. 

The HBIC. that girl who is a bitch just because she can be. who does everything she can to be rude, demeaning, and all around awful to everyone. i love this even more when there is no motivation. only awfulness. the BEST example of this is Penelope from The Luxe Series. she is the epitome of this and i truly do love to hate her. 

what about you? who are the characters you love to hate? tell me in the comments and then link it up over at GReads

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  1. oh dear, i had to google HBIC! go ahead, chuckle, i know you want to!

    now that i read your choices, i totally concur. although i have to admit that i not only hate the mean old ladies, i am sometimes a little creeped out by them. *shudders*

  2. I believe we hate the same characters... and the besties in the Ruby Oliver series definitely fall in the later category your mentioned!

  3. Ugh Professor Umbridge. She makes me want to punch her in her face! I think they cast her perfectly for the movies as well!

    My TGIF

  4. Ugh Umbridge. Hate her.

    I had a hard time with this one, too. I usually focus on the characters I love, even though I know there are so many that just make my skin crawl. Apparently, I push them to the back corner of my mind when I'm done with the book.

  5. Ash - they make me shudder too!
    G - i was thinking that about the RO girls, but wasn't 100% since i haven't finished the series.
    Kellly and Molly - she is THE WORST. there is TORTURE INVOLVED. she might be a sociopath.

  6. I LOVE your answers!! The mean old woman really is a great archtype! Ugh, Prof. Umbridge does that so well too! haha!! There are a BUNCH of mean old women characters in Austen books who I love too.


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