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reading challenge preview

can you believe it's almost time to re-up on reading challenges again?

yeah, me either. but here we are.

here are a few i've definitely got my eye on!

i love that there are different sub-genres within this challenge. i'm pretty stoked about this one, as it encourages me to read some adult sci fi books. WOO. thanks to Asheley for the heads up on this one. 

this is one of those challenges i already do, so it's nice padding for my challenge list. i freaking love the library, and that's the truth. 

this is perfect for me as it pushes me to keep on reading the series i've already started! you know i have a problem with starting series and not coming back to them...and Shanyn's helping me fix that! based on the list she provided, i plan on reading Goddess Interrupted, Insurgent, and Mara Dyer #2. i'm sure i'll find the other 7 i need! 

Debut Author Challenge hosted by The Story Siren. obviously.

i've added another challenge to my 2012 goals.
i seriously need to whiddle down my TBR and this is the perfect way to do it. HOLLA.
i'll be participating at the Love At First Sight level (31-40) books. i'm taking it seriously, ya'll.

okay, one more challenge and then i'm done. HONEST.
the goal is to read 10 YA/MG books that incorporate mythology
i love mythology like no other, so this one should be a breeze. i realize i'm not really stretching myself here with the challenges in terms of genre, but there's nothing wrong with reading what i love! 

what about you? what challenges are you eyeing and spying at this point in the game? 
are there challenges i missed you think i should check out? let me know in the comments!

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  1. word. these look mighty familiar.
    eek, i need to get started on my little sign-up posts. super excited about the sci-fi.

  2. Good luck with all these! :)

  3. I'm participating in DAC for the first time this year. So excited! (: I might participate in the Support Your Local Library challenge, too! (:

  4. I'm excited for DAC and the Sophomore challenges. I would totally kick the Support Your Local Library challenge in the butt. I have an addiction to library books, it's quite sad :P
    I am dying to know if there's some kind of series challenge out there as I would definitely kick that in the butt too. I have a mini-addiction to series(s?).

  5. Sophomore challenge looks interesting. I don't know that the library challenge is fair for me to enter...I get so many books in my library because I want to read them! Between my library and my local library I try really hard not to buy books! 30 isn't a challenge at all ;)


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