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Book Love from Jacinda

Book Love 2011 continues with the girl who could very well be my twin, Jacinda!

Technically, I’ve been telling everybody that I have two favorite books for 2011. These two books are the only ones I’ve re-read this year besides Twilight. These two books stand-out among the rest and those two books are:

I decided to talk to you about Touch instead of Divergent, because the former is in need of more readers! Plus, I read it recently so everything is a bit more fresh in my mind. Divergent has almost 25,000 ratings on Goodreads and Touch has less than 300. See?! This is why I need to get Touch into the hands of more readers.

I felt high as a kite when I finished Touch. I wanted to dance around everywhere and scream and laugh! I felt like I could do anything! I’ve only ever had less than a handful of books do this to me and Touch was one of them. Everyone has to know what I’m talking about! My pulse was racing, I couldn’t sit still, and my hands were shaking! AHHHH! I wish I could re-read this book all over again for the first time!

For those of you who follow my blog and follow me on Twitter, are probably becoming annoyed with my constant talk about this book. I JUST CAN’T HELP IT! I’ve done everything in my power to promote this book and to get people to read it. So far, everyone I know, unless they aren’t telling me, have completely enjoyed it.
In case you don’t want to read all of the gushing I’ve written above or you need more reasons to read this book, here are the main reasons for you to read Touch by Jus Accardo:

• A rebellious main girl. Dez doesn’t seem to be afraid of much and she always fights the right fight. I <3 her!
• Comic-book like characters. This seems to be the simplest way of telling everyone what this book is about. Kale is unable to touch anyone without hurting them or killing them. Other characters have other powers as well, but I will let you read the book to find out about those ones. I’m evil like that. ;)
• HOT romance! I’m all about romance in books. I’m sure other readers are the same way.
My review of this awesomeness should persuade you. If not, the My Book Boyfriend post of Kale should do it.
• Kale. Everyone should read this book just because of him. You see the dude on the cover? That is Kale. Many times I’ve seen people on the cover of books and while reading I thought, “That girl on the cover is nothing how I picture this girl in the book.” I didn’t have that problem with Kale.
• Jus Accardo did a fantastic job of writing her story so I couldn’t guess what was just around the bend. As soon as one surprise popped up and I was like, “WOW, OHMYGAWD, THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN!!!” I was repeating that same line all over again.
• No cliffhanger! The story wraps up nicely. At the same time, Jus has left us some questions I will look forward to finding out in book two.
I’m chomping at the bit for Toxic to come out! I’ve also heard, not sure how many people actually know this, that there is going to be a novella released a day before my birthday in February from Kale’s point of view! How exciting is that!
Now that I’ve raved about Touch all over again, I want to re-read it AGAIN! See, this is why you should read this! You will become addicted! Or maybe that’s a reason why you don’t want to…lol.
This video has nothing to do with this book. For some odd reason, I can’t seem to not think about this song when I think of Touch probably because of the similar titles…at least it will make you want to dance!

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thanks, Jacinda! <3

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  1. I must be under a rock b/c this is the first mention I've seen from YOU about this book lol! I've seen the cover here & there, but never really paid much attention to it. Well now after your excitement over this book I feel like I need to READ IT RIGHT NOW. haha good job on selling it!

  2. Thanks Ginger! I've been talking about it TONS, I'm surprised you've missed it :)

    Thanks Lisa for asking me to be a part of this! ;)

  3. I totally read this book BECAUSE of Jacinda and I loved it! She is absolutely correct about everything she says.

    Touch made me think of X-Men, which I loved.

    Also, Jacinda is awesome.

  4. Jacinda sad this was something I would totally fall in love with. Obviously I must give it a try.

    Thanks for being here, Jacinda!

  5. Yes!!! I read this book because you told me to and I TOTALLY freaking LOVED it chick!!


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