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Review: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

In a sentence or so: After discovering the truth behind district 13, Katniss must decide whether or not she will be the face of the revolution that will change the future of Panem.

After Katniss narrowly escapes the arena for the second time, she learns all about District 13 and what they’ve been up to. That they’ve slowly been amassing the necessary weapons, leadership, and organization to take down the Capitol. They are all hoping that Katniss will become the face of the rebellion. That she will become the Mockingjay. But can she trust this rebel leader Coin? What will happen to Peeta in President Snow’s hands if she takes on the leadership role? And what exactly does being the face of the rebellion entail?

You’d think there would be a lot to wrap up in this final installment of the Hunger Games trilogy. But basically, it all centers around whether Katniss chooses Peeta, Gale, or neither and will the Capitol get taken down by the rebels. Okay, obviously the story is driven by what Katniss’ role is in everything, but all of her actions are centered around those two plot points. And it just wasn’t enough.

I loved the action scenes. As soon as we were back to blowing stuff up and legs breaking and heads bleeding, I was sold. But then we’d get back to the drab inner monologue of Katniss and I wanted to quit. Yeah, you heard me. I wanted to DNF this book.

But I finished. Am I glad I did? Yes - but only for the single emotional scene from Katniss near the end. Otherwise, I would have happily read the synopsis on the interwebs and called it a day.

Please reference my incredibly scientific breakdown by pros and cons below.

What The Hunger Games got right.
Where The Hunger Games failed.
President Snow. That dude was creepy as hell. I like that he tried to control everything, and the more he tried, the less control he had.

The action scenes. SO well done. Whenever they were in the arena or fighting dudes in the streets, I was totally hooked.

The Capitol. Okay, I guess this is almost the same thing as President Snow…but we’ll roll with it. I also liked how one district was ‘better’ than all the others…yet needed them to function.

Coin. Loved that twist. I won’t spoil, but just know that I loved that twist.
Katniss. Everything about her, but most specifically that she isn’t an emotional character that you can relate to. She doesn’t think for herself. She is the epitome of the mockingjay because she just repeats back whatever people tell her to say/think and how to act.

Transitions. Two specific examples are stuck in my craw. The first is when Katniss comes back in Catching Fire and two months pass between two paragraphs. And I had to double check to make sure that was right. It was dumb. The second is when she kisses Gale in the third one. There is no anticipation or build up – it just happens out of nowhere. It was dumb.

District 13. Why didn’t we hear about this until the very end of book two? It felt too convenient.

The Triangle. It was painfully obvious the whole time. And then when it happens, it's just so meh. Like, oh yeah, I gave in so whatever. DUMB.

I had such high expectations for this book and series. I was let down. I chalk this up to a combination of reading other dystopian literature that I much prefer to this series, as well as it being built up too much.

I can see why people like this series, but it just makes me want to recommend other dystopian series to them instead. Perhaps I should be happy that this is a gateway read instead of being disappointed.

Fave quote:  “It’s not wondering what I breathe in, but who, that threatens to choke me.” (2% on Kindle)

Fix er up: KATNISS. For the love, if she had thought for herself or showed emotion or SOMETHING.

Title: Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3)
Author: Suzanne Collins
Genre: Dystopian
Publishing Info: August 2011, Scholastic

[ftc notice: I borrowed a copy of this book from the Amazon Prime lending program. I did not receive compensation for this review.]

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  1. "Perhaps I should be happy that this is a gateway read instead of being disappointed." --> wink wink nod nod.


  2. I read Mockingjay and i really liked it! I agree with you on all the things you said they got right but the only thing i don't agree with is what you said about Katniss' character i thought that she was great and really stong.

  3. I have to say I liked it. I thought the ending to the series was well done. It's not my favorite of the three...but it had to end. I think that's my biggest problem with it all. That it had to end. Though, I thought a complete and total blow up was a bit drastic from where we started the series. That's a lot of unrest in a very short period of time...

  4. I read this series over a year ago, but I like it less now then I did then. I'm always a fan of characters who don't show much outward emotion, but I can't stand characters who can't handle their situations. Her constant breakdowns were a bit of an issue for me. I'll be honest, I was mostly caught up in the love triangle and the world building. I enjoyed this series, and I always like books that make me want to read faster. They feel infectious.

  5. Ash - YOU KNOW IT.
    Paige - agree to disagree!
    Librarian - i hear you there. i think it must have been bubbling below the surface and Katniss was just woefully unaware?
    Melanie - i wish i had set my expectations a bit lower, and i think i would have enjoyed it more. it was certainly addictive - and i'm not sure why!

  6. I'm so happy I'm not the only person who felt the EXACT SAME WAY. Especially about Katniss. I wanted to read about the girl who was on fire! Not the girl who just got hosed down by the fire department. Because that's how her character seemed to me.

  7. haha THANK YOU! i totally agree with everything your saying about this series!!!! finally someone understands my pain and dislikes about this series, i'm not saying it's the worst but for me it isn't amazing like everyone thinks so.

  8. Katie and Lily - SO glad i'm not alone too! PHEW.


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