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My heart is bursting

In case you were under a rock this weekend, the Game of Thrones: Season Two trailer was released.

And please, don't be a douche and write anything spoilery in the comments. It's not cool and no one likes it.  Thanks!

Obligatory Tyrion photo - CHECK.

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  1. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Isn't this awesome??!? Varys! Tyrion! Jon! Littlefinger! The Hound! Dany! TYRION! Robb! Pdthtfhh. *dies* I'm so excited!

  2. I. Can't. Freaking. Wait. I'm totally rereading A Clash of Kings in joyous anticipation.

  3. I'm about to write a spoiler right now....Just kidding! I haven't read book #2 or even finished book #1 for that matter! I'm SO excited for the premiere of this!


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