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not big, just old.

I came across the following survey at Good Books and Good Wine. WHAT UP, APRIL!
Basically it's a chance for bloggers to share more about what they do and how they do it. Newbie bloggers can muse on the post Busting the Newbie Blues Event, while seasoned bloggers can fill out their own set of questions based on the Busting the Big Blogger Blues Event. Both of these incredible ideas are hosted by Ruby's Reads and Small Review.
Before you read on, you should know something. I don't consider myself a big blogger. In fact, I consider myself a measly little blogger. However, I've been doing this blog thing awhile and I'm completely confident and comfortable with my blogging so I figure this still applies to me.
Okay. Let's roll. 
image from Ruby's Reads
When did you start your blog? 
I started blogging in 2007. I know, I'm going on five years here. This all started as part of a YA Literature class and it blossomed into true love. Should you be so inclined, you can read more about my epic journey on my Who Is Lisa the Nerd page. 
Do you ever still feel like a newbie?
Yes. Pretty much every single day. I see something or hear something and I think to myself - WHY didn't I think of THAT?! Also, it's a bit hard for me to believe people are sincerely interested in my rantings.
However, I don't feel like a newbie in the way I review books. I've found a way to express my voice in a concise and thoughtful review format and I'm very happy about that. 

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far? Did you make any mistakes new bloggers can learn from?
Blogging can be a massive time suck. You have to continue to make time for real life and friends and family and actually reading books. I was trying so hard to schedule 7 posts in advance (minimum) and write super insightful posts all the time. 
I couldn't do it. 
I learned to pace myself and found balance in my life. Remember, blogging is a hobby. It's supposed to be fun.

What did you find most discouraging about being a new blogger? How did you deal with this?
It's like being the new girl at school. You can either be friendly, social, make friends and put yourself out there in an authentic and sincere and fun way - OR you can be bitter that no one talks to you and build a shell around yourself and wish you could just quit.
Choose wisely.

What do you find most encouraging?
I have a really supportive group of blogging friends that share their thoughts with me on books, encourage me in blogging, and make me laugh like a loon. I also have a super supportive family who reads my blog and gushes over it. I know, I'm pretty lucky that way.
Also, I find a happiness with and sense of accomplishment when I blog, which is a great personal encouragement for me. 

If you could go back in time and speak with your newbie self, what five bits of wisdom would you tell yourself?
Take your time. It will come together.
Be yourself. People like that.
Read what you want, when you want. Rushing the process doesn't benefit anyone.
Be nice and friendly. Turns out other bloggers can be pretty rad.
Chill the eff out. Take a break when you need it, no one cares.

What do you dislike about blogs you’ve seen? Do you try to avoid this?
Meme-heavy blogs are such a bore. I'm super sensitive about how many memes I participate in, and how often I choose to participate. I'd rather see unique content, so I try to provide unique content. HOWEVER memes are a great way to share more about who you are as a blogger/reader/person and meet other peeps.
Also, blogs with the black background and bright fonts and flashy graphics. Ugh. Just don't.

When do you find time to comment?
I subscribe to my favorite blogs via Google reader, so I can go through them during the day when I have some down time and mark the ones I want to comment on at home. 
Also, for the memes I do participate in, I pick 10-15 blogs I haven't heard of and check them out. It's a great way to meet new peeps, find new reads, and be active in the YA community.

How do you bust out of the "reading feels like work" situation?
This one's easy. I take a break. Step back and live life for awhile. Then, when I come back, I'm all OH YEAH BLOGGING RULES again and everyone wins.

While I am by no means a pro at this, I have been doing it for awhile and am really happy with where I'm at. Take the advice or leave it, I'm happy to share!

Are there things I missed? What would you add or like to share with these prompts?

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. For some odd reason, I didn't know your blog was five years old. Holy hell, you are OLD! <3

    Still I love your blog forever and ever amen because you have an unique voice, have awesome taste, and your personality is FANTASTIC.

  2. i still haven't quite figured out the Google Reader thing, which makes me feel stupid as i can be. i read on the blogger wall, which is a habit i need to break and FAST since all of the GFC fiasco is about to go down.

    i love your blog as one of the best. trust. i do love confident people and while i have my not-so-confident days, you are such a boost and i love that about you. your blog even screams it. that is something that i suppose comes with blogging since 2007ish.

    right now i think i'm struggling with the comment thing, but i think i may have some of it figured out: 1) holidays are holidays and hopefully people will start commenting again. 2) where i am lucky enough to appear on someone's blogroll, it has my last post as weeks ago. i don't know if you know anything about this in your infinite wisdom, but i actually used to get hits off of this page. so, can you offer anything on this? or maybe any of the commenters that will come after me? the other blogrolls that i am on are showing the same thing: my last post as matched by ally condie, which was a long time ago. so i have regressed to the new blog on the block again despite having actual followers. what the what?

  3. also, yes, the meme-heavy blogs. i can't deal there. i do throw in memes when i need some filler, and i spread the love. i get bored doing the same memes, so i will change them up. maybe that is dorky, but i never claimed anything other than being a dork. so it's all good in the hood.

  4. "Remember, blogging is a hobby. It's supposed to be fun." - This is probably my favorite quote from your post, simply because it's TRUE. Blogging is a hobby. It's something I do on the side, something I ENJOY and it's not something I should feel pressured to accomplish.

    And I'm totally with you on your dislikes because those are pretty much my answers on my own post for this survey.

    I love your blog Lisa! I think you post great content, with a unique voice and I just have so much fun reading :)

  5. April - I know! I really started focusing on it this past year, though. Much love to you! I think the exact things about you and your blog. How about that. :)

    Ash - thank you, friend. I think after five years, I finally learned to stop caring so much what others do and do what works for me! Incredible insight, i know. I will email you about the rest of the qs.

    Alexa - I have to remind myself of that all the time! Thanks for all of your support!

  6. I'll second the un-love for meme heavy blogs and also giveaway heavy blogs. The giveaways peeps always make me wonder if they really "love" all those books they giveaway...or if they're fronting some love because they plan on shipping the book to someone else, lol.

    And I'd say you are a BIG fish ;) 5 years makes you an official biggie. You've got a unique point of view and I love reading it. The days where you just post nerdery (does that make sense? if it does I'm coining it, lol) makes me happy.

  7. Wow... You have an old blog, but that is fantastic! You really know your stuff, so I'm listening to you, woman. No wonder I loved your blog at first sight!

  8. Great answers! I always respect my elders, so I'm definitely taking your advice! :P But seriously, great answers and insight! It's all about the love of books!! Keep on nerding!

  9. I loved your answers. It is so true, blogging is a huge time commitment. And I'm selective with meme's too. I put that for one of my answers, I get tired of seeing meme after meme, day in and day out on some blogs. Mix it up!

  10. Great answers! Your confidence and your chill the ef out jive is what I aspire to on my blog. I feel like I'm getting there. Your blog and guidance (even though you had no idea that you were doing it) has helped me out a lot. (especially the chill part)

    And I love when you nerd out. Just saying.

  11. For awhile, I tried to post something insightful on my blog every day. You're right - massive time suck. I'm actually doing pretty well so far this year, but there are major stretches of time when all I can post are cat pictures.

  12. You guys get me. SO THANKFUL for your awesome faces and encouragement.


  13. you're old , the blog that is. lol
    so glad 2 meet u

    rogier c aka roro

  14. You've got some great advice here. I know what you mean about the difficulty of always trying to write super insightful posts. It's DRAINING after awhile.

    Also, this is my first time here, but I think I've found true love. I came over here at April's suggestion, and she was right (not that I should be surprised). New follower! :)

  15. Hi Lisa, thanks for joining in with our events! Actually, the first part of the survey you filled out is part of the Busting the Newbie Blues half, which I'm hosting on my blog Small Review. Ruby has discussions on her blog about the latter questions. If you want, you can add your post to the linky list on my blog so other people participating can stop by and newbies can learn from your wisdom :)

    I hear you on the challenge of finding time to blog! That was probably the biggest surprise to me when I first started. I'm still struggling with juggling life, reading, and blogging. I think I need to make your 5th bit of wisdom my new mantra :P

  16. Thanks for the heads up, Small Review! I've edited the post to reflect that.

    It's a surprise to me every day! :)

    1. Awesome! Thank you for linking up. Now more newbies can read your great advice :)

  17. That's awesome advice. Especially the last part.

  18. Great advice here -- and you are so right about blogging being a time suck! I used to feel under pressure to blog daily when I first started out.

    I found my way here via your link on Small's blog. New followr! Great blog! :)


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