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Movie hopes

I'm cautiously optimistic about the news that there will be a movie franchise about these books. The good news is, Patrick Ness is stoked about it - so I will do my best to be excited too!

For the full deets of the movie deal, check this article. Basically, LionsGate has agreed to make the movies (which is awesome) and there are rumors swirling around about casting news.

If I were to pick the cast, it would be as follows:

Todd - Tony Oller

Viola Eade - Dakota Fanning

Cilian - Cillian Murphy (seriously, how could I not?)

Ben - Matthew Fox

The Mayor - Christian Bale (remember him in American Psycho? YEAH BOY)

What are your suggestions for the casting?

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  1. I was just tweeting about this with Asheley over at Into the Hall of Books the other day! We were both a bit worried.

    How will they do the noise without it being annoying? And, well, they'll have to cut stuff which just makes me ridiculously sad!

  2. I tried to comment on this the other day when blogger wouldn't let me. I was saying that I was so scared about this movie. The more I think about it, the more afraid I get. I suppose we'll have to email about it for fear of taking up too much blogging space, but yes, fear.

    And I will also have to throw in a few sentences about Cillian Murphy and Christian Bale and how they are on my list. Yes, I have a list. I call it "The List." How imaginative. ;)


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