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Legend of Korra Recap: The Revelation

Chapter 3: The Revelation

In a sentence or so: Bolin is kidnapped by The Equalists who, it turns out, can seriously mess with bender's abilities.
This is how Bolin plans to make cash money.
What went down: So the Fire Ferrets, Korra, Bolin, and Mako, have qualified for the tournament (YAY) but they need serious cash money to get there (BOO). Bolin's all "I've got this bro" and Mako's all "I got this bro" and they set out on separate ways to make the money. Bolin has a heart that's significantly larger than his common sense and gets roped in to providing security for thugs. Only he doesn't provide security, but rather ends up being the main attraction at an Equalist rally. Not the place a bender wants to be. Particularly a famous one.

Korra and Mako work together to find Bolin which results in several AMAZINGLY HARDCORE fights and eventually lands them at the revelations rally hearing the leader Amon himself share the revelation. Basically, his face was firebended off and he claims bending is the cause of all of the wars ever. Since the Avatar obviously failed to bring balance back into the world, the only way to end all of the strife is to get rid of all of the bending. PERMANENTLY. What the what?! Last we knew, only the Avatar had that power, so how the hell is maskface pulling that off? He said it's a gift from the spirits, but why would the spirits want to take away bending? I have many questions.

Why it matters: As rad as bending is, the truth is that it is powerful. Often, unfairly so. With power comes abuse of power. With abuse of power comes pissed off people being abused. We see this with the Triple Threats (the three big gangs in Republic City) who are all up in the store owners faces all the time.

This episode is some serious business, y'all. There aren't as many hilarious lines to quote, because mostly not so hilarious things happen. The ability Amon has to take away bending (if it is legit) is THE most powerful thing in their world. I mean, that power was reserved solely for the Avatar...so we know this is serious business. All this power struggle raises some moral questions already that we, as the devoted fans, have to struggle with. 

Quote of the episode: "Why do we have to train so early? The morning is evil"

Closing thoughts: I love that there is an old-timey feel to the narrative from time to time. The recap was a 1920s-style film reel that quickly recapped the last episode. I loved it lots.

Mako's parents were mugged in front of his very eyes when he was a boy. HE HAS BRUCE WAYNE SYNDROME YOU GUYS. As if I needed another reason to creep stalk all up on Mako! (I did not. I have plenty of reasons.)

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  1. Yeah, I didn't think of it that way. Mako is Bruce Wayne! I'm cougaring him, totally. :D

    I think Amon is such a cool and scary villain! He thinks he's doing good, even though he's not. Great bad guy who is not bad just to be bad. I like that.

  2. This ep was awesome. I'm new to the world, as you know, but I'm completely hooked. When Amon was able to take away the benders' powers, I was FREAKED OUT. I can't wait to see who he is, whenever that actually happens. Until then, though, I'm loving him as the baddie.
    Also, can I just say how hot Mako looked in that pageboy hat? I can? Oh good. Because Mako looked FINE in that pageboy hat.

  3. I loved the intro of the fox/raccoon thing. He's just so stinkin adorable :]

  4. Okay, I'll admit that I wasn't a big fan of Mako's when the series first aired, but this episode really helped me to like him more. He just needed to open up a little, that's all!

  5. "As rad as bending is, the truth is that it is powerful."



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