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Legend of Korra Recap: The Spirit of Competition

Chapter Five: The Spirit of Competition

In a sentence or so: Sexual tension reaches crazy high levels. Complicated teen angsty feelings compromise The Fire Ferrets performance in the pro-bending tournament.

What went down: The Fire Ferrets are getting their practice on for the tournament that's apparently still happening despite public threats to take away ALL THE BENDING from Amon. I predict something serious is gonna go down at the pro-bending championship. Regardless, I want to see lots of pro-bending because it is SO FREAKING COOL. Anyway, Bolin has dropped all subtlety and is essentially like "Korra, you're hot and rad and I want to date you so let's roll". Meanwhile, Mako and foxy Miss Sato rub noses in public. I vomit. 
Bolin and Mako talk about Korra (very Edward and Jacob style, to be honest) and it's painfully obvi they both dig her and things are just going to get massively awkward. Mako's all "whatever bro, she's friend material" and Bolin's like "no way, she's awesome" because Bolin is smart and realizes that awesome friend material = awesome girlfriend material. Bolin decides to go for it with Korra and asks her out in the most awesome way possible (seriously uses the phrase 'sort of a date situation') and they hang out and Korra has a good time but Bolin thinks it's more and compliments the snot out of her and things get even more weird. 

So they're in the tournament and doing awesome until Korra spills her guts to Mako and then the balance is off because he's with hoecake. Then later he reveals that HE DOES HAVE FEELINGS FOR HER (shock to no one) but he's with hoecake so what's up with that and then Korra kisses him. 10 points to Korra for initiating that shiz! Bolin sees it, ugly cries and goes on an eating bender. Their team chemistry continues to be off but Korra goes all Supreme Bad Ass and saves the day in the last round and advances them in the tourney. Which means they have to face some scenester/emo bending group in the finals named the Wolf Bats. I predict many awesome one liners. 

They were bending before you knew it was a thing.
In a nutshell - Bolin likes Korra. Korra likes Mako. Mako is with foxy Miss Sato but also has feelings for Korra. So that makes it a love triangle/quadrangle, I guess. 

Also, it appears Korra may be stretching herself too thin. She's got the whole Amon Task Force thing going as well as the pro-bending tournament and OH YEAH learning how to air bend and bring the world back into balance. No big.

Why it matters: I should have known the focus was going to be on the relationship bizniz when the opening recap was focused exclusively on their love lives. So yeah, there was a LOT of focus on the lovey dovey business this week. And don't get me wrong, I am all about the teenage angst and kissy times and the whole Bruce Wayne/Mr. Darcy thing that Mako has going on.  Ultimately, I want to learn more about Korra and her journey as the Avatar. I hope this was just a necessary episode to clear the air and we can move back to subtlety next time. 

Quotes of the episode: "Girls. Seriously."
"You know what I'm talkin' bout Pabuu. Talkin' bout loooove."
"Please. Go on. I enjoy praise."
Future besties. It must be so.
Closing thoughts: I was not a fan of Korra leading Bolin on. Granted, I don't think it was intentional but Bolin is the coolest and she needs to be aware. I do believe that Bolin and Korra are totally gonna be besties when he finds a girl who's ready for his jelly. 

I love that Korra makes bad decisions (leading Bolin on, spilling her guts to Mako) and then makes some really solid decisions (pulling it together to advance the team). I love her flaws.

But really, I'm ready for that balance of teenage angst and awesome story lines again.

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  1. I'm sure this episode was to clear the air, get all the shippy stuffs out of the way so they can concentrate on the really serious, scary Amon stuff for the rest of the season. It's only 12 eppies. But, I loved it and am watching it over and over and over again!

    I'm stoked for Tahno, too. That guy is already my favorite character on the show. He managed to sexually harass the Uhvatar, of all people, in both of the only 2 scenes he appeared in. The man is talented. (If you can count mentioning that you're "peeing" your pants as sexual harassment, lol.)

    1. I'm sure it was too - but I still wanted more action and drama and less angst!

      I totally count peepants ans harassment!

  2. Good to know I'm not the only one having trouble keeping my breakfast, lunch, and afterdinner cake whenever I think of rubbing noses and Mako/Sato in the same thought. They give me the Icky.

    YOU KNOW how I felt ABOUT THE KISS. It was an epic #Makorra moment. And I totally didn't mind that everything was focused on their love lives, because it's realistic, and, well, I WANTED THAT KISS dammit. But, I get what you mean about the whole Avatar business. AND I HOPE ZUKO SHOWS UP at some point. Heard he's still alive. And Amon is TOTALLY going to crash the party next episode.

    YOOOO Korra's ending slam at the final moments of the match. I was all, :OOOO CAN'T BELIEVE MY EYESSS. I wish Hoecake would take a walk, a far one where she'd trip into the ocean. We've got too much angstiness and teen romancey drama for her to join in like this. Can't wait till next episode!

  3. I'm just hoping that Bolin gets some love and doesn't wallow in the comic-relief pool forever. He's hilarious, but funny guys need some love too :(

  4. I felt sooo bad for Bolin. I mean, yeah, we can see that Mako and Korra are supposed to be together, but I'm kind of a Bolin fan.
    I agree, in the hopes that this was just a clearing the air/true love introduction because it's a little early for love. They're barely focusing on the Avatar point so far, so hopefully we'll see more of that soon.

    And, I saw your Zuko comment up there and I am in COMPLETE agreement. Husband and I are currently rewatching the original Avatar and every time Zuko comes on screen I'm like "poor Zuko, he's so angry and misunderstood." I think Husband is starting to get suspicious :P


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