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Legend of Korra Recap: The Voice in the Night

Chapter Four: The Voice in the Night

In a sentence or so: Korra reluctantly joins a government task force to find Amon and Mako scores a new lady friend and corporate sponsorship for the Fire Ferrets.
Bitch is FIERCE, y'all.
What went down: Korra is justifiably freaked the eff out by Amon and his ability to take away her bending. She fears she is nothing without being able to bend which is TOTALLY NOT TRUE but she will have to discover that on her own at some point. Anyway, the task force is led by some creepy dude with three braids named Tarlock, I think. I shall henceforth refer to him as three braids because it aptly describes the creeper. He hits Korra up with all these gifts and she's all thanks-but-no-thanks about it. Then he hosts a twist-her-arm-gala I MEAN A PARTY and she says yes after an obviously scripted press conference. She challenges Amon to a midnight duel, he shows but backs down saying he has Other Plans (much like every villain ever) and just knocks her out which results in some cray cray vision. She has a breakdown that results in her admission of fear which allows her to begin the path to true leadership and strength and all that shiz.

Bolin continues to crush on Korra in a very subtle and not sickening way. I appreciate the subtlety.

Mako gets hit by a girl on a moped who is hot and rich and otherwise the worst because she is NOT KORRA.  Or me. Mr. Sato, her dad, ends up being the guy who makes the Republic City version of the Model-T so he's loaded and is all "yeah I'll totes sponsor you bro if you sell out". Mako sells out promptly. Later on a midnight carriage ride, the foxy Miss Sato is asking about his scarf and I'm all LAY OFF, HOE CAKE the scarf was his dad's and his last possession! Sheesh. They snuggle. I vomit.
Miss Sato if you're nasty.
Why it matters: Obviously, the meat of the episode is Korra recognizing that she is not as strong as she wants to be. There will always be someone stronger than her physically, and she needs to grow past that.

Clearly, three-braids is shady as hell and has some ulterior motives. Probably he's working WITH Amon to destroy Korra. Also, I'm sure Sato and foxy Miss Sato are involved somehow, so I will continue not to trust them.

The vision Korra has after Amon knocks her out is very intriguing. Methinks we are seeing flashes of the old Aang Gang and what they grew up to be. So does that mean Amon is one of their descendants? BUT WHICH ONE? Conspiracy theories welcome.
Obligatory Mako.

Quote of the episode: "So, I understand you're dirt poor."

Closing thoughts: Waiting for Korra to go all Avatar state on Amon's punk ass. Also for Korra to kick foxy Miss Sato's ass when it's revealed that she is dark side.

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  1. First of all, "They snuggle. I vomit." Truer words were never spoken, and I will henceforth call Foxy Sato HOE CAKE. I think all three of these new characters are SHADY AS HELL, and I don't trust them one bit. Although I will say: Mako cleans up VERY nicely. I mean, I'll always love scruffy street-rat Mako, but that suit fit him WELL. Ahem.
    Second of all, three braids is bad news bears. Got a bad vibe from him instantly. And when he ambushed Korra with those reporters I wanted to go all airbender on his ass.
    Third of all, I was both totally intrigued and mad confused by that vision Korra had. Obvs I need to catch up on The Last Airbender. But I'm dying to see what that means.
    And seriously...how cute is Bolin?! I mean, Korra + Mako 4 Eva, but he's adorable. Also, I want a Naga. Please and thank you.

  2. LOL. I'm totally okay now (but, wasn't at first) with Asami getting with Mako because Korra is free to hook up with Tahno, who will be introduced next episode. I'm SO excited about him!

    But, I'm not a big fan of Asami-perfect-girl because she is too good to be true. Plus, imperfection is more interesting, and Korra is a perfect babe version of that kind of girl-hotness. Anyway, I'll probably end up liking Tahno better than Mako, anyway, but we'll see. Bolin is bowling me over with cuteness...:D Love him.

    Tarlokk is funny to me, and he does seem suspicious, but I wonder that he's just your typical politician who is sneaky-sneaky. He might not be bad in the Amon-bad kind of way. Just the sleazy politician-way. I'm noticing how sleazy Northern Water Tribe men are in this series, lol (including Tahno). That is so weird, but funny.

  3. Tell me Amon wasn't full of creepy badassery when he was all, I'm saving you for last, Korra, mwahaha. I was all, DUDE'S FRIGHTENING-MY MOTHER'S-CHILDREN SCARY. I can't wait until his unmasking. And I love Korra. She's got some balls, even when they're shriveled and tentative because she's superafraid. And I want to slap the lust out of Mako's head. Am I the only one who thinks Mz Sato is a manipulative skank who is secretly a villain somehow? I CAN'T BE THE ONLY ONE. Makorra FTW!


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