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See ya later, taters.

I've always said that if blogging ever felt like a chore or if I stopped finding joy in blogging, I would take a step back.

To me, blogging has become a chore.

Jamie from the Perpetual Page Turner first inspired me with her blogging manifesto, and I'm pretty much breaking every single rule. I'm jealous. I'm not putting real life first. Blogging is becoming a burden. I'm feeling guilty about reading certain books and not reading other books. I'm constantly comparing myself to others. I'm writing posts because I feel I have to, not because I sincerely want to.

Then, I saw this post from Just A YA Girl and I started to tear up. Literally, I started to get tears in my eyes. Yeah, I know that's dramatic and ridiculous but it is also TRUE. As if I needed another sign that I needed a break! 

I'm taking a blogging sabbatical for the summer. I'll still be reading and commenting and on Twitter, but I won't be posting here. I'll reevaluate how I'm feeling in September and see how my time away has impacted my desire and passion for blogging.

I'll still be helping with the DAC ARC Tours Blog with Tara from Fiction Folio.

You can catch the rest of The Legend of Korra recaps over at Tripping Books

Ginger will hold down the fort with Rewind & Review.

Thanks for your patience and support as I reflect on what this blog means to me and where I go from here. 

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. <33333

    I hope it's cool if I still mail you books that make me think OMG THIS IS A LISA BOOK.

  2. *hugs* want a .org sabbatical too?

  3. <333 This saddens me but YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS TOPIC! I hope that you enjoy your time this summer!! We will all be here for you if you decide to come back. AND OF COURSE WE WILL TALK ON THE TWITTER MACHINE. I've been contemplating what I want my role to be as a blogger these days..still trying to figure that out. It's scary so I applaud you for making a tough decision!

    PS> I'm glad somebody found my manifesto to be useful! <33

  4. <3 Take the break you need! I will miss your blog but am glad you are taking the time you need for yourself.

  5. <3333 Take all the time you need. You can TOTALLY use it to catch up on ASoIaF, lol. ENJOY YOURSELF. And see you around, my dear!

  6. This is by no means goodbye... but I will miss seeing your blog updates in my feed <3 YOU bring a lot to this community & your voice through your blog will be missed. I hope you know that.

    I love you my dear, forever & always.

  7. BUT BUT BUT... I WILL MISS YOUR BLOGGY BLOGS. WAHHH! But you gotta take care of you and do what makes you happy. Luckily for me, I think that tweeting/emailing me still fits in the "okay zone." Smooches. PS: Please let's gchat as well.

    You are forever the best, whether by blog or Twitter or comment or email.

    I am all for you taking the time. I LURVE your blog but I LURVE you more. AND I know that we can communicate besides blogging. So me + you = we're cool, yo.

    ENJOY THE SUMMER without the weight of the blog. Read. Music. Game. All the things.
    You are the best. xoxo

  9. Sadness :[ But you have to do what makes you happy. I'll miss your posts, but I hope this summer treats you well <3

  10. Aw, man, LISA. I'm totally going to miss you, bro.

    Are you sure you want to leave for A WHOLE SUMMER? Maybe half of a summer. How about it?

    Don't leave us forever. AND I WILL MISS YOU. And our fangirl power over #TheLegendOfKorra.

    Have a happy break!

  11. Everybody needs a break. I always take one if blogging feels like a chore. I know the feeling. In high school I HAD to read certain books and I didn't like them because of it. It is beginning to feel like I HAVE to read and what certain books I have too... I decided last week I was taking this week off. It's nice already.

  12. But who am I going to count on for hilarious Korra shenanigans and Mako pictures?! :)

    I totally get it, too, and its obvious how much we love and support you and what you need to do - we're here if and/or when you decide to return. <3

  13. Cheers to you for taking a much deserved break! Sometimes a little R&R is just the thing to reinvigorate you and churn up some inspiration :)

  14. GIRL, I love yo face. Take all the time you need, dahling. It's perfectly fine and healthy to take a step back. We all need it. And we'll all be here when you return.

  15. *hugs* I knwo exactly what burn out feels like! I experienced the same as you're feeling really bad in early January and temporarily quite blogging. I'm now back and it feel great, I'm completely casual but still getting posts out nearly every day because I'm enjoying reading again. Trust me, a break can do amazing things.

    =^.^= ComaCalm's Corner =^.^=

  16. All the love to you! Take the time you need and enjoy your life! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

  17. SAD FACE!!! :( But I'm glad you're looking out for you. We'll always be around for you, whenever you're ready. :)

  18. Well my day has officially gone to pot now! Will definitely miss you and all your awesome nerdiness... but I'm glad to see that you'll still be sort of hanging out on Twitter. I'll have to keep up with you there! But, I guess we all need a sabbatical every now and then and I hope yours is completely lovely! Read some fantastic books, catch up on some awesome TV shows, do whatever makes your awesome self happy! Oh, and stay in touch!!!

  19. *gasps* OHMYGOD Lisa! I'm glad that I inspired you to unplug for a little bit, but it is monumentally sad that its the same time that I start easing myself back into the blogging world. However, having said that, I know where you are coming from. Take your time. Reflect. And we will see you on the other side (not literally but, well... you know.) You will be missed :)

    ♥ Trish

  20. I understand that you need to take a break, so good for you! Have a great break and relax!

    But I'm really hoping you'll come back after the summer.

  21. i ain't mad at ya (lit).

  22. I understand where you're coming from. I hope to see you around your blog and mine (and on Twitter), so don't completely go away!

  23. I'm the last person to comment!

    good for you for taking the initiative to do this. i will miss your posts of course because i absolutely adore you and everything you do. but if this is what you need to do, you do it!

    i've been on a bit of a break myself, although for very different reasons. i've been focusing more on my life away from the blog and realized how badly i had been ignoring things... like my friends and my family and doing things for myself! it's been an enlightening experience.

    i hope you find the answers that you are looking for, and remember to enjoy the everyday things in life that happen beyond the computer screen.

    love you! *hugs*

  24. I totally hear you! That's a big reason I've been blogging slowly. It's so tough to keep up and then there is all this pressure. I took a pretty long break, and now it's exciting to me again.

    I'm glad you'll still be around on twitter and stuff! :)

  25. Lisa - Even though I will miss updates from your fab blog, I'm really glad you're doing what makes you happy. I've totally been in this same boat, and have taken time off when I need it.

    Feeling obligated to do something you're supposed to love just doesn't make sense.

    I'll deffff be seeing you on Twitter and email me anytime to chat (lisamparkin [at] gmail [dot] com). I know I'll be talking to you fo sho. ;)

  26. I hope you come back soon. I enjoyed reading your stuff, even if I don't enjoy reading. P.S. we should set up another chat sesh soon. Your friend, Megs


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