Just making sure...

...that y'all know this is a thing because it is glorious beyond words.


It's a mash up of Mean Girls and The Hunger Games.

Example of the awesome:


And never ever stop trying to make fetch happen. No matter what the love of my fictional life Peeta says.

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  1. This is so not going to help with my productivity. :-/ HA!

  2. This just made my morning :)

    1. It's a Wednesday, so I bet it was needed!

  3. I cannot stop staring at that gif of Sam Claflin on the first page there. More of you, sir, less of your clothes. I can't wait to see him as Finnick.

  4. Tumblr keeps me from doing all the things I need to do.

    So thank you, friend. Cause I don't like grown-up things!


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