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DAC ARC Tours - A Crossover!

I promise not to make a habit of crossing over my separate blogs often. Truly, I do.

But this is an important announcement! Here we go.

The 2013 Debut Author Challenge will be hosted by Tara at Hobbitsies. Which is rad because the 2013 DAC is fantastic and Tara is fabulous so HONESTLY I'm not sure a better pairing could have been possible since Kristi of The Story Siren has passed the torch.

I'm continuing on with the DAC ARC Tours Blog and while Tara from Fiction Folio is saying au revoir after an amazing year of partnership, Amy from Tripping Over Books and Katelyn from Kate's Tales of Books and Bands are helping me out! Hooray! We have a great team assembled to get publicity for debut authors and doing our best to share those debut titles with bloggers.

For full details about the Debut Author Challenge 2013, check here.

More details coming about the changes and revamping of the Debut Author Challenge Blog soon. Stay tuned to that blog for the deets!

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  3. Whooohooo! Can't wait for my first DAC year!

  4. Can't wait to get to started for year 2013!

  5. YAY! I will definitely be signing up for the DAC Tours next year! You will rock this shiz!

  6. Woot! Looking forward to next year's challenge and, not gonna lie, more awesome ARCS:)

  7. I hope you know I am SO EXCITED.


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