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Heroines with Heart: Familiar Origins

Today I'm interviewing an author of a rad YA series about DRAGONS thanks to Heroines with Heart.

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Eight children, powerful enough to annihilate the vulnerable world in which they live, are wanted by a small but elite group of dragons. Some dragons are good, some are not, but they all have the same goal: To find these children, bond them, and use them as pawns in their ever-enduring conflict.

And now, for me to ask B. Pine about DRAGONS. And other stuff of course. But mostly it's about dragons.

1. Dragons are the coolest magical creatures ever (obviously), but how did you go about researching them and building lore for your book?
I have always loved dragons. There are so many different interpretations of dragons throughout the world. My favorite dragon story is St. George and the Dragon, and I have a preference for the European medieval dragons. So when I create dragon characters, I develop them based on information gathered from role-playing materials and sword-and-sorcery fables. But the cool thing about dragons is that there are no rules as to what they can or cannot be. They don’t even have to be magical if that is what you want.

2. Tell us more about the dragons in Familiar Origins and what makes them special, unique, and particularly awesome.
The dragons in Familiar Origins are superior to humans in intellect, magical power, evolution, and spirituality. They consume resources in order to live, but they have different opinions as to how to acquire these resources. As a perfect example, some dragons want to take over the human’s world for its abundant energy, and other dragons feel that the human world belongs to the humans, and as such is sacred. This conflicting philosophy and the resulting struggle between the two factions of dragons is the premise of the entire saga.

3. In Familiar Origins, there are 8 humans that are destined to bond with Dragons. What makes those 8 humans so special?
Basically each of the eight humans has an ideal combination of magical power, strength, and affinity in a specific field of magic. This combination allows them to form a connection with a certain type of dragon. Both humans and dragons learn more about this bond as the saga progresses.

4. I know this is the first in a series, but how much resolution do we get before the end of this book?
Familiar Origins is essentially an introduction to a group of heroes and heroines. They are just beginning their lives in the first book. And there is so much more to the saga than just their time as students, so I cannot say that there is much resolution in the first book. What you do take away from Familiar Origins is that most of the heroes in question have befriended each other, proven themselves worthy, and are certain to share a common destiny.

5. Which character in Familiar Origins do you connect the most with, and why?
That is such a hard question. I love them all, of course. There are some that I like writing about more than others, and there are some that I just really love how they are developing. But as far as connection, I would have to say Rohen, because of how resilient his character is, and how despite all the tragedy he has suffered, and the pain and fear he carries within, he can still be warm and friendly and even silly sometimes. I just can’t help but feel attached to him.

There you have it! A bit more about Familiar Origins and about the author too. Sounds pretty rad, huh?

Thanks again to B. Pine for answering my questions and indulging my fangirlishness over dragons and the like!

B. Pine is an award-winning fantasy and science fiction author who keeps her days full by writing, gardening, reading and raising her little ones. She is an avid reader of fantasy, science fiction, and vampire novels, particularly stories with backgrounds based on medieval culture from Western Europe and England, where she lived for four years. Her passion for writing was born after taking a college course in creative writing. She graduated from the University of Maryland and Wilmington University with degrees in Business Management and Accounting, respectively. Her debut novel, Familiar Origins, has won two Royal Dragonfly Book Awards, and her Draca Wards series will be continued in 2013. She also has a short story published in The Imperium Saga: Anthology with fellow authors from Silver Leaf Books, LLC. She is currently working on the next installment of her fantasy saga. Also, visit her at http://dracawards.com

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  1. Thank you for the interview. You have a lovely blog.

  2. DRAGONS! That's all I saw when I first opened up your site today, and I already knew I would love this post. I think her series sounds absolutely fascinating... and DRAGONS!

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  4. Ahhhh I like European medieval dragons TOO! I mean, I'm sure I don't know as much about them as B. Pine does but hey, I like them the most also! Now I must check this book out (like it's about DRAGONS who want to controls HUMANS even though they are DRAGONS!)


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