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Review: Frostbite by Richelle Mead

Title: Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2)
Author: Richelle Mead
Pub deets: 2008, Razorbill
Source: OWN IT.
Challenges: Sequel Challenge

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Previously: Vampire Academy 

In a sentence or so: There’s been a mac daddy Strigoi attack on a royal family so the all the St. Vlad’s peeps go on a posh ski vacation that of course results in love triangles and mysterious mysteries and ramps up on the drama facing the world of our favorite vampires as it becomes clear some things will have to change if they are to protect themselves from certain death.

Since I know I’m like the LAST person on the planet to read these books, allow me to tell you my top five feelings on Frostbite.

1. I LOVE ROSE. Forever. Mainly because she’s kickass but also because she’s confident and strong and yet still trying to figure out what she wants and how she’s going to get there. I will root for her forever and always. Can I tell you how wonderful it is that she know’s she’s got it going on so we don’t have to deal with the “Oh, you think I’m pretty? I had no idea” situation? BECAUSE I LOVE IT.
2. Worldbuilding rules. I am all about a rich mythology and Richelle Mead had us off to a great start in VA. She keeps the awesome coming in Frostbite with exploring some of the politics behind Dhampirs protecting Moroi and other such things. Also I love magic so obviously those types of things make me very happy.
3. More swoon, please! Oh yes, I know you guys love Dmitri and so do I. Really I do. But it was nice to see Mason get some play (even if we all know it’s not going anywhere) and to have that mysterious loner cousin dude come onto the scene. Also, I was loling like an idiot when Rose was up in Lissa’s mind when she and Christian were getting busy.
4. Shiz gets REAL. You know of what I am referring, readers of the VA series. I was all about the crazy ending and all of the things. I have much respect for an author that does not back down from the darkness in a dark world they’ve created.
5. Finally, I’m committed. It was not love at first read for me and VA. It’s taken time for that love to grow and I can say that I’m finally ready to commit to this series and wherever Richelle takes me. LET’S DO THE DAMN THING.

Fix er up: I feel like I’m just now starting to feel invested in the series. I’m hoping that momentum keeps up with the future volumes!

Pairs well with: Red wine. Okay, so I didn’t drink any whilst reading as I’m preggo, but the whole classy ski lodge situation and the building sexytime tension between lots of characters just screamed RED WINE to me.

Fave quote: "I didn't think my day could get any worse until my best friend told me she might be going crazy. Again." (8)

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. OMG LISA. Shiz gets even REALER and all the swoons to come? Gah!

  2. YAY! Keep reading! Like right now! It gets EVEN BETTER! Sorry about all the caps and exclamation points but EEEKKKK!

  3. SHIZ TOTALLY GETS REAL IN THIS ONE! And just you wait!! Like Anna said, it gets REALER for sure! It makes me happy you're now invested in this story. And I totally agree with you about Rose. It's awesome to see someone like her as the main character, even if she does frustrate me sometimes. Girl is impulsive! But passionate. :)

  4. A million times YES to this review! Rose heroine love forever! And oh my gosh you have so much swoon AND shizz heading your way. So jealous—I want to re-read these!!

  5. Just you wait! I liked the first few books, but the series gets even better later on! Excited to see your thoughts on the rest of the series :)

  6. YEAHHHHH. SO excited for this. Oh...to be reading this series for the first time again. I really think next year (or maybe this year) I might re-read. I MISS Rose, Lissa, and Dimitri. I'm telling you, the series gets better with each book. You're in for so so much fun, Lisa!

  7. Like Hannah says, JUST YOU WAIT. Seriously, it gets even MORE REAL.

    Also omg omg omg with the swoons, but wait until Shadow Kiss. That one is the absolute best.

  8. YAYYY you're totally not alone! I read VA and Frostbite for the first time just a few weeks ago. And basically, I just wanted to high five you the entire time I was reading your review.

    1.) Rose is now my FAVORITE CHARACTER EVER. She's just so damn badass and funny and I have a huge girl crush on her.
    2.) I love the difference between good and bad vampires. It's such a refreshing new (ha, new as in from 2007) take on vampires.
    3.) I want Richelle Mead to write me a boyfriend, because ALL THESE GUYS <3
    4.) Oh yes. It SO does. And I can't wait to see what happens in the next books!
    5.) Amen.

    Hope you liked my freak out. If you couldn't already tell, I'm freaking obsessed with this series right now.

  9. Love this series. Rose so rocks. I have two more books and can't wait to finish up and then start on Bloodlines. Awesome review.


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