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Review: In the Hand of the Goddess by Tamora Pierce

Title: In The Hand of the Goddess (The Song of the Lioness #2)
Author: Tamora Pierce
Publisher (for my copy): Simon Pulse, 2005
Source: Gifted from Tara

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In a sentence or so: Alanna was chosen by Jonathan to be his squire, despite the fact that he knows she’s a girl, which keeps her on the path to becoming a knight. Shady sorcerer is still shady AND Jonathan and George are both in lurve with her which keeps her really busy.

When we last saw Alanna, she’d been chosen as Jonathan’s squire and tried to speak some truth to him about his shady cousin the sorcerer, Roger. Jon was not interested in hearing her badmouth the family so she left it alone. Now, cousin Roger isn’t being quite as sneaky and Alanna is FOR SURE that he’s up to something that may or may not include killing the royal family to get himself on the throne.

In addition to trying to keep evil at bay, the kingdom is threatened by one of the outlying areas Tussaine and so she’s off to war. Before she goes, though, George expresses his love for her (which is AWESOME because GO GEORGE) so she’s got that milling around in her head as well.

Alanna continues to grow into a kick ass knight, which is really cool. She has a special necklace given to her by the goddess and a kind of magical cat named Faithful who speaks to her through his meows which are other awesome things she has going for her. There is some love triangle biz with the whole Jon/George/Alanna thing, but it doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the story.

Ultimately, Alanna is all about being the best knight she can be while protecting the kingdom and the safety of those she loves. Romance isn’t a top priority for her...but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some bow chicka bow wow moments mixed in.

I love how this one ended so very much. By the time we’re done, she’s 18 and has proven herself in various ways. She’s coming to grips with what it means to be both knight and a woman and what that means for her relationships. BUT what I adored the most is that she stays true to herself the entire time. She doesn’t give up. She doesn’t lose focus. She’s incredible. I love her a lot.
Pairs well with: FEMINISM!

Fix er up: Oh come ON. As if there’s anything I’d fix about this? NOPE.

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  1. There really isn't anything to fix up with this one. I loved these books when I was in high school, and this one is definitely my all time favourite of Tamora Pierce's books. TEAM GEORGE! haha

  2. I absolutely love this books. So good! Alanna is one of my favorite characters of all times.

  3. Oh yes. Alanna is THE BEST. And she grows so much from the beginning of book one to the end of this one!

  4. Alanna rocks my socks off, and this book just shows off her growth so well. She's getting older and there's a ton thrown her way, but she handles it so well.

    (I will just say again that I'm SO HAPPY you're reading this. One of my all-time favorite series!)

  5. Alanna is one of my favorite heroines (maybe my favorite). So glad you're reading this series and enjoying it! Fabulous review :-)

  6. I remember reading this series way back in 9th grade-I am so glad my friend introduced me to Pierce. Looking forward to your reviews of book 3 and 4.

  7. Ahhhhahaha. Back when love triangles were still a new thing. But Alanna is still the quintessential feminist protagonist. I need to finish this series!


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