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Thank you.

Well, friends. This is it. I'm done. But first, I have some things to say.

When I first started blogging, I had so much passion and conviction and there wasn't a day I didn't think about reading/blogging/connecting with the community in some way. I loved it so much. I was committed to writing and felt like I ALWAYS had something to say.

And it was good. It was SO GOOD. I have so many awesome memories and I have no regrets. Not a single one. 

But then things started to change. I started to think about the blog less, despite wanting to read and stay in contact with awesome bookish friends. I started to NOT want to blog. So I took a break. I decided I could keep living my life with the blog in it and that I wanted to make it work.

And I did really well with the balance again! I was reading and writing reviews and discussion posts and meeting new bloggers and I was like YEAH BOY THIS IS THE LIFE. And then, sometime around when I became pregnant, things changed AGAIN. 

I lost interest. I started to lost interest in reading. In posting. In talking to other bloggers. In all of it. In short - it was the worst. So I thought about it. I talked to peeps about it. I made myself a timeline to make a decision to blog or not to blog about YA lit on this particular site anymore. And I decided, I just can't.

CAN YOU SEE THE TORMENT IN HIS EYES?! That is the torment in my soul when I came to this decision. I know it is the right one but YOU GUYS I miss it already. No, that's not true. I won't miss all of the things...but there are some things I will miss. I will miss your awesome comments and your support and your recommendations and your silliness. PLEASE promise me we can keep in touch on Twitter and Facebook and things! PLEASE. Because really this is what I want for us.

Books will ALWAYS be a part of my life, even if this blog won't be. I hope that those of you who feel like we became friends through this crazy adventure will stay in touch with me. If not, that's okay (but not okay at all) and I understand (but not really). I will still be around on the internet because let's be real - how could I NOT be?! I have decided not to go the Tumblr route mainly because I am too old and awk to figure out how to use it correctly, so probably I'll just put my thoughts on Goodreads if I have something to say or on Twitter or text/email those of you who still care to hear my rambles. 

I want to say thank you to all of my readers, followers, and friends for making this one of the most exciting and rewarding things I've ever done. I will continue to be a part of the YA Lit community and read your blogs and love you all dearly. I have so much love for all of you and will continue to hold you, and this amazing 6 year experience, in my heart forever.

I do have a personal blog in which I will continue to update my personal life things, and if you're interested in that you can email me and I'll share it with you. Be warned, it will mostly be about Nubby for awhile but if there's a book that REALLY hits my heart, I may have to talk about it over there in a most informal and rambling fashion. 

I'll miss you all as I embark on the next great adventure in my life and look forward to keeping in touch with your adventures as well! Much love. 

How to know when you're done being a book blogger.

Lately, my life has been quite busy. What with baby coming and moving into new digs and all of the things, I haven’t been reading as much lately and I haven’t been blogging as much.

Remember when I took that hiatus last year? I took time off to decide whether or not I wanted to blog again and what it would look like if I did, etc.

Things have come full circle.

I do miss reading, but I know that fire will come back.

I do not miss blogging. Not even a little bit.

Let me make this clear - I ADORE reading other people’s blogs and Top Ten lists and discussion posts and reviews and all of that. Truly, I do. Even if I don’t comment, I’m reading and loving it and it’s keeping me so very happy.

As I’m reading Jane Eyre and Bitterblue, both of which I am LOVING, I have absolutely no desire to write a review or discussion post or anything about either of them. Do I want to talk to friends about them? Sure! When I’m done, will I want to share my very brief thoughts? Kinda! Do I want to finish those, start a new book, and feel no pressure to write a review or something insightful? YES. SO MUCH YES.

So as I’m feeling these feels and wondering these wonders, I decided to make a quiz for myself to look at in two weeks and use that as the ultimate decision maker. I’m open to your suggestions, insight, thoughts and whatever else you have to share with me so please do!

Lisa’s To Blog or Not To Blog Quiz
To be taken 2 weeks from today

1. You’ve finished at least one or the other of your current books (Jane Eyre and Bitterblue). Did you have any desire to write a review or share your thoughts in any way?
2. Did you have trouble deciding on the next book to read because you want to read a finished copy of something instead of an ARC you have on the shelf?
3. Have you felt the itch to blog something not meme related or a .jpeg/.gif in the last two weeks?
4. Do you want to stay involved in the Book Blogger community?
5. Do you want to continue blogging about books at Lisa is Busy Nerding?

I know that the awesome duo over at Makeshift Bookmark (Jen & Carla) have recently thrown in the blogging towel in favor of a tumblr and I gotta be real - that idea appeals to me a WHOLE HELLUVA LOT. Do any of you know of other blogs that do that? As a reader, how much do you like that idea and format? I'm obviously going to do what I want to do ultimately, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts regardless.

Thanks for listening and for your feedback and support. As always!