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Review: Allegiant

Allegiant (Divergent, #3)
Title: Allegient (Divergent #3)
Author: Veronica Roth
Pub Deets: October 2013, Harper Collins
Genre: Dystopian
Stand Alone/Series: Series
Source: Purchased on Kindle

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Spoiler warning: This is the third book in a series. There will be many spoilers for the first two books. Hell, you know what? I'll be putting spoilers for everything because I figure most people have read this already and because I want to! Sorry not sorry.

In a sentence or so: Four and Tris go beyond the fence to a world that's probably more messed up than the one they left behind and have no idea what to do with their lives.

See my summary in a sentence or so? That's the first 75% of the book. SO MUCH TIME is spent asking Who, What, When, Where, and WHY that action is at an absolute snail's pace.

The last 25% was a mix of predictable and muddy for me. That could be because I was just SO done waiting for it to end that I skimmed, or because the whole "Tobias must choose who forgets" thing went on forever with his two sad ass parents, or possibly because I was so bitter this book wasn't MORE. I wasn't surprised that Tris died, and I can't even say I was all that disappointed in it so maybe that's a good thing? I will say that the way Veronica Roth weaved Tris' mother back in at her death was beautiful and incredibly moving.

I was a touch bummed that life on the other side of the fence was what I predicted it would be. I put that aside, however, in hopes that surely there was more to the big reveal than that. And there kind of was...but not really anything that shock and awed me. Yeah, they made the serums and yeah, some of the Chicagoans were in on it, but so what? SO WHAT! (So What became my refrain whilst reading and it wasn't pleasant, you guys.)

It's fitting that this is my first review of the new year because I'm overcoming a personal challenge to not just rage for 15 paragraphs about this book and summarize my thoughts and feelings coherently. You're welcome, internet.

Three things I liked about this series as a whole: Tris's love for her family and looking at their choices through her own perspective and struggling to see their choices through their own perspectives. Tris + Four's relationship was mature, built on mutual respect, and though lacked any sort of butterflies for me was totally authentic and legit. People with the best intentions can still be totally wrong and unintentionally destructive.

Three things I'd change about this series as a whole: Make Tris less like Bella Swan. YEAH I SAID IT. But I'd love for her to own her Divergence and not be like "Who, me? Are you sure? But why? I don't get it!". Girl can fight like no other but she lacked any self confidence. If book 3 had been set in the fringe and that's how we found out about the social experiments and all the things. How cool would that have been? And finally, take away that 2 years later epilogue. Please. I felt like nothing was added to the overall story by Tobias finally doing the zipline and Chicago kinda back on its feet again.

All that aside, will I still be seeing the movie? Oh hell yes. I adored Divergent and maybe, just maybe, seeing the series on the big screen will increase my love for the books. It happened with The Hunger Games, so I'm not ruling anything out.

This series is for: Those who are new to the dystopian genre, are interested in some light sci-fi elements and pondering the failings of our society as a whole. Mostly, for those who want to think about the connections Veronica Roth makes between the world she writes about and our current society's path.
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  1. So many people disliked the conclusion of this series. I agree and disagree with that. I agree that it dragged, majorly. I kept waiting for the "WTF!" moment. I disagree in the wow factor, because that certainly WOWed me when it happened. I was expecting death.. from someone.. but didn't realize it would be Tris until it actually happened. And those moments after, when Tobias found out? The moment in his old house when what's her face comes to find him? Totally gut wrenched me! I was in tears. Roth opened my flood gates. And maybe I'm a softy, but I liked the ending with Tobias on the zip line. Sure, it left things a bit too "cheery" considering, but sometimes you need the cheery! lol I'm with you on seeing the movie. This better be good, damn it.

  2. I agree with what you liked and disliked about this book/the series. I definitely never felt any real investment in the whole Tris/Four romance, they both always seemed too asexual for me. That said, I wasn't really bothered by this book as much as you were. I feel like my expectations were so low based on what I heard about it, even before it was published, that I kind of went in thinking, "well, we'll just see what happens here and be done." And even though I didn't love it or connect with it I also didn't think it was terrible.

  3. I basically agree with everything you said. I was right to keep my expectations fairly low (having not loved Insurgent), but I was just not impressed with Allegiant. I was surprised at Tris dying, but agree that the epilogue was not necessary. Too cheesy. I will definitely be seeing the movie though, since I really did love Divergent.

  4. I totally just commented on your Insurgent review a couple of minutes ago about you telling me how you felt about Allegiant, so yeah, fun! I think you expressed how I too felt about Allegiant. I liked it well enough, but there were a couple of things that I really had issues with and I just didn't devour it the way that I devoured the previous too.

    Great review, seriously! I wish my review had been as well-written and thorough as yours.

  5. I just finished Allegiant and liked it better than Insurgent but not as much as Divergent. I liked the 180 degree point of view change that non-divergents were the bigger threat, that the characters who went past the fence were forced to grapple with. What I couldn't get over was that an entity sophisticated enough to create multiple serums, including one that could target very specific areas of the brain so as not to erase basic motor functions, etc. was not prepared for the insurrection and ultimate downfall at the hands of those (Tris, Four, and the gang) it had been monitoring so closely while they were in the experiment. Hey Bureau, have you ever heard of a wiretap?
    Maybe if they would have watched some pre-Purity War James Bond movies, they would have done a little better at figuring out what Tris and Four were up to and that if Four was part of the first plot against the Bureau he just might get involved in another one.
    I kept waiting for David to say, "I would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for you crazy kids," and then they would take his mask off and find out he was really Marcus. Then they could all drive to the Fringe in their Mystery Machine.


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