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Top Ten Blogging Goals

I love list making. It's kinda my thing. Making lists on paper, online, on my phone - WHEREVER. I'm down with it.

This, of course, is no exception. 

Three Blogging Goals
1. To host a challenge! That's right, I am crazy. Well, actually Amy and I are crazy because we're hosting the Adventures Through Awkwardness Middle Grade Reading Challenge! You can peep all the details on my challenge page. We'd love to have you join us! DO ITTT.
2. Sprinkle in TV/Movie/Pop Culture reviews that aren't exclusively bookish. For variety's sake, you know?
3. Keep it honest and respectful. Ain't nobody got time for flame wars or passive aggressiveness on Twitter. 

Three Reading Challenges
The 2014 Historical Reading Challenge hosted by Historical Tapestry. I'll take it easy on myself and enter at the Victorian Reader level at 5 books.
The 2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge hosted by Bookish. I'm going bold with this one and doing "First Kiss" level of 21-30. My shelved books need love, y'all! PUCKER UP, TBR.
2014 Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge
The 2014 Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge hosted by The Book Vixen. There's not any levels for this one (that I can find, anyway) but it's a good idea for me to bust into this genre a bit. We all know that I am all about SFF all the time, so this is branching out for me. Plus, I have Lola and The Boy Next Door on my shelf! Holla!

Three Bookish Goals
1. Read what I want, when I want. I will not feel guilt about ARCs or pressure to read something I don't want to. If I don't like it, I'll stop reading. If I really want to read something, I will. No shame in my game!
2. Keep up my Epic Recs with Gaby! I'm so excited about this feature and I can't wait to read Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen and for her to read Grave Mercy by Robin LeFevers! Oh yeah, we basically have the same tastes so be prepared for massive fangirling. 
3. I must finish a book before I buy a new one. Meaning, my total to-read pile should stay the same or decrease ONLY. No book buying binges. I MEAN IT. (unless I do a reading binge. mwahahaha)

BONUS (to round it out to 10): Keep connected to the YA community via twitter, blog comments, Goodreads and BookBlogging.net. You guys are my people.

Let's do this, 2014!

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. Yay for contemporary romance! Lola is great, although I liked Anna and the French Kiss a lot more. I love that you're co-hosting a middle grade challenge. I love middle grade novels! And I could really benefit from signup for the TBR reading challenge. My list is kind of out of hand :)

  2. number 3 will be a hard one.. lol. I always tell myself I won't buy anymore, and then I see the kindle deal of the day. :/

  3. Yay for contemporary romance!! You know who to come to if you need recommendations ;) hehe

  4. YES to reading what we want, when we want! Also, taking control of the TBR is a MUST for me also. :D GOOD LUCK!!

  5. I am all about staying connected. I love that you are blogging again YO. This year I opted for no challenges except the Goodreads widget that calls itself a challenge because my year may/may not be whack, who knows. But I'M ROOTIN FOR YA. And holla to the contemporary romances. I LOVE THEM in all categories and age brackets.

    About the buying, I am a hoarder. Used and Kindle, particularly. Rarely new. But HEY at least I'm honest about it. (:

  6. Great goals! Hosting challenges is fun. I did my first one last summer. Didn't get as much participation as I would have liked, but it was still a blast. Might do one again this summer. And I know what you mean about finishing before buying more. I've decided that, other than books in a series if I'm trying to read the entire series at once, I won't buy anything new until I've finished all the titles on my shelves and kindle. Hopefully. :D And I'm sure I have enough to last me all year. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    My TTT

  7. Look at that hawt graphic. I'm glad I got the first look :P

    Great goals! I'm excited to see you come back into blogging this year and I feel like you are making it very fun for yourself so YAY. I'm so burnt out of all the blogging correctness and what I should and should not do and I always have been a "do what I want" kind of blogger but I'm definitely just over it all. I'm going to post how I want to. It's the only way I'll want to keep doing this. ANYWHO. Random rambling aside, I'm happy for you to be back.

    I'm so proud of you for hosting a challenge! It's hard work! I tried and failed a few years ago but I honestly wasn't into it as much as I thought I was PLUS I didn't have a fun friend to work on it with. I don't read MG that often but I would like a couple of your most EPIC recs for me :)

    YAY for more pop culture and such. I've found adding different things into it keeps me going. And it's fun to see what everyone else is into honestly.

    LOVE #3. Seriously. I can't even tell you. I'm so over the negativity I see, too. I need to stop watching it and just get off line or do something positive to combat and be "louder". I might not participate in that crap but I watch it unfold a ton and that's not a good use of my time.

    I think def between Ginger and I you are set with contemp recs!!

    I've been really good about not reading on a schedule or to cater to my blog and so I think this is a good goal. It's easy to get caught up in or feeling guilty about what we "should" be reading for the blog but really what we SHOULD be reading is the things we WANT to read...because that's how we read before blogging and what we all started out doing...reviewing what we were naturally reading. I think that I've managed a good balance of old and new and this and that review wise and I honestly do think this is why sometimes I don't feel the REVIEW/ARC pressure others do..because I don't keep a schedule with it. Also, I'm a mood reader.

    Great goals, love! I know you will succeed to the best of your abilities! :)

  8. I love all your goals and darn you for introducing me to more challenges.. I think I may be going a little challenge-happy this year.

    My Top Ten Goals

  9. I like your goal to read a book before getting a new one. I see a lot of bloggers who say they won't buy any books for a whole year. They must have more willpower than I do! Your way actually seems doable.

    Happy 2014 and good luck with your goals!

  10. Wow, thanks for posting about Bookblogging.net ! I just poked around a bit and like the idea of a spot for book bloggers to gather. I feel like there are so many great bloggers and blogs out there, but the internet is HUGE. And the middle grades challenge is AWESOME. Middle grades doesn't always get a lot of love.

  11. Since historical fiction is new love of mine I may have to look into that challenge! And so awesome that you're taking part in epic recs! Woohoo!!!!

  12. I have totally been meaning to sign up for the TBR challenge, so that's being taken care of right NOW. I also love that you're not pressuring yourself to read ARCs, and that you're going to try to get a handle on the books you already own that haven't read. Good luck, and happy reading & blogging in 2014! <3

  13. Yay for goals! I totally love the "read what I want when I want" because that is SO something I need to work on. I do not have the time to spend doing things I don't enjoy at least somewhat. I still have to read Lola too! That's one of my goals for the year haha. If you're ever looking for YA contemporary romance, I can totally help.

  14. I love your goal to keep it honest and respectful. I don't get the whole creating drama for no reason and I will do pretty much anything to avoid any drama. And I hope you go on a reading binge so you can go on a buying binge :)

  15. Lisa, your goals ROCK. I said I was only going to do one challenge (the TBR one), but I'm doing Marie at Rambling of a Daydreamer's Historical Challenge at an easy level. And there's a LGBTQ challenge I might do. It's the first year I'm not setting out to do the DAC challenge in awhile, and I think just that right there will take off some pressure. One of my BIG goals is to get to more of my back-list books.

    GO YOU THOUGH. Look at you, all hosting a challenge. I bet you and Amy will have a LOT of fun with that. :D :D

    Molli | Books and Whimsy

  16. Oh I really need to look into the historical fiction challenge! I'm all over that genre... And yay for hosting one of your own! Hope you have so much fun doing it :) I rarely read MG, but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for your faves. And I ought to do the TBR Challenge too. It's definitely one of my goals this year to read more from my TBR and stop buying so many books. Really excited to see you and Gaby doing Epic Recs - soooo fun!

    And good luck on the not buying a book til you finish a book. I hope you're successful with that goal! I'd be so impressed if you were :)

  17. I love your goals! I struggle with guilt over ARCs too, and it takes the joy out of reading. I'm also terrible at challenges. I always fail at them.

    I hope you're able to accomplish all of your goals this year. :)

  18. So I love your goals. Especially the ones that include me (YAY EPIC RECS!). All your challenges look awesome, also - ESPECIALLY the one you're hosting!

    I will say that if you need any TV recs, I'm your girl. I have this one friend who, every year, demands I drop some shows because my list is ridiculous. It's a little embarrassing but I clearly embrace my insanity and so should everyone else.

  19. Good luck with your goals! Thanks for participating in the Contemporary Romance reading challenge :)


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