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It's a book haul, y'all! [1]

I try the video thing again.
I am much less spazzed out this time, but I do go on a tangent about lighting and a hobbit door.
So there's that. 

Planners (!!!)
(you have to watch to see what themed books I got! Mwahaha!)
Etsy Shop: Ruskerville
Source: Purchased from Ruskerville

The Grisha #3
Leigh Bardugo
Pub Deets: June 2014, Henry Holt and Co. (division of Macmillan)
Source: Pre-Ordered from Amazon

Throne of Glass #3
Sarah J. Mass
Pub Deets: September 2014, Bloomsbury USA
Source: WON from Estelle & Magan at Rather Be Reading

designed by Marc Andre
Pub Deets: 2014, Asterion Press
Source: Purchased 

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  1. You're so adorable, Lisa! I love that you're filming more videos. Those planners are pretty cool, I must say! :D

    1. Thank you! It takes so much time, but I enjoy it! PLANNERS FOR DAYSSSS

  2. Splendor looks like fun. I would totally be a dragon in that game.

  3. I hope the Splendor review will be forthcoming.

  4. I need that Harry Potter planner. Like cannot sleep until it is in my hot little hands. Also I have been wanting to read Heir of Fire and can't wait until I have that as well. Super cute blog I just love it when people are not shy about their nerdiness.

    1. RIGHT? It is so glorious. Seriously, I will sing their praises for the rest of my life.

      Thank you for encouraging my nerdiness! oxo

  5. I think I just sold a planner to a friend. You are welcome. haha. Thanks for the "screen time"! Isn't that book huge??? I couldn't believe it myself. Enjoy it & everything! :) You are the best.


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