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Review: Crown of Embers

Title: The Crown of Embers (Fire & Thorns Book #2)
Author: Rae Carson
Pub Deets: 2012, Greenwillow Books (division of Harper Collins)
Series/Stand Alone: SERIESSSSS
Source: Cash money, yo.

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  1. Oh my goodness I need to read this series. Everyone in the world says so. Pretty much. I'm scared to watch your video because it is the second book but your screenshot says flailing and it is fantasy, so I would probably like this series too, YES?

  2. I have been wanting to read this series foreverrrrrrrr. I don't know why I am waiting so long to start and your video makes me want to binge read it all. However, I have to get my work done so maybe after that I can binge read. So excited!

  3. DUDE. You got me so geeked for this second book AND I ALREADY READ EVERYTHING. It was like all of the excitement came RUSHING back.


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