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Legend of Korra Recap | Chapter 11

Sorry for the super late post on the recap situation. The Nick website was acting wonky last night, darn it!

Anyway, on with the recap!


So, the Earth queen is dead. She was murdered by Zahir when he SUCKED ALL THE AIR OUT OF HER. I mean, she was terrible but still. That was a wicked way to go. In general, the upper ring is in chaos. Looting and wildness and lots of things on fire. Mako and Bolin have to find Korra to deliver Zahir’s message, but they’re in the desert you know. So they steal an airship! Of course!

They remember that their family is in the Earth Kingdom so they decide to save them because Mako and Bolin are stand up guys. The trouble is, Grandma refuses to leave, despite the fact that the earth city is burning down around them. Bolin says something touching along the lines of home is where the heart is, hoists her up over his shoulder and off they go! The extended Mako/Bolin clan is all en route to get to Korra.
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They find the remains of the ship that Asami and Korra were on and follow the trail that leads them to the little town they're waiting at. ALSO ZUKO’S DRAGON CONTINUES TO LIE IN WAIT. Amazing. I mean, the dude just rides a dragon because he is Fire Lord Zuko, you know? I am so happy that Bolin is just as much in love with Zuko as I am, it turns out. Grandma Yin meets the rest of the Avatar crew. She then makes Mako feel uncomfortable by asking why he’s not dating nice girls like Asami or Korra. So good.
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Meanwhile, Zahir is headed to the northern air temple to kill all the airbenders unless Korra turns herself in. Because Zahir is crazy and terrible. They are trying to reach Tenzin but no one is at the radio. WHY YOU NO ANSWER YOUR RADIO?!

Korra decides to go to the spirit world to catch Zahir. She finds Ihro. MY HEART EXPLODES. Korra tells Ihro what’s on her heart. He tells her to talk to Zuko. Meanwhile, Zuko is getting ready to FLY HIS DRAGON back to the fire nation to protect it. He gives her some advice that's okay but is basically like "Aang and I were friends and he'd be proud of you but being the Avatar is hard, man."
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KORRA IS TOO LATE BY THE TIME SHE WARNS TENZIN ABOUT ZAHIR AND I CANNOT. I mean why wouldn't they answer the darn phone?! Gah. Anyway, Tenzin tries to evacuate everyone but crazy lava bender starts bending lava like crazy. Honestly I know they’re bad guys but their bending is SO. COOL.

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Once he finds out what they want (Korra), Tenzin’s all BITCH PLEASE I PROTECT THE AVATAR so he tries to fight off the crazy bad guy benders with his siblings and it might be the baddest assest thing I’ve ever seen. The rest of the air nation tries escape and has to stay out of the line of sight with the explosion mind bender so they can ride the baby air bison (squee!) out of the temple. Armless water bender goes all doc oc. Lava bender makes it quite difficult for Bumi so he bites him. Mind explosion bender scares off the bison with her mind explosions. Kai tries to help but gets blown up in the process. The fight scenes are like 10 minutes long and it’s epic. EPIC.

Just when I think all hope is lost, there are baby air bison paws and my heart is stable enough to move forward. Just barely, though. We are barreling towards the conclusion, y'all! How will Korra manage to save the air benders? How can she possibly defeat the Red Lotus gang? Will she ever be able to get in touch with her past lives again? WILL ZUKO RIDE HIS DRAGON SOME MORE?
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Best quote of the episode: “As long as I am breathing, it’s not over.” - Tenzin
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