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You guys, I suck at blogging lately.

The title says it all. Truly, I do suck at blogging lately. I think it's due to the following reasons:

    I'm in a reading slump because I attempted to read two books that just did not mesh well with me in which I had SUPER high expectations and ended up DNFing them both. IN A ROW. The resulting bummer led to a total lack of motivation to read. I haven't finished a book in all of July. SERIOUSLY. It's bad. It sucks. I hate it. But here we are and that is life and life is hard, you know? 
    You probably know I work with teens and children. In the summer, they are more flexible and I like to spend time with them so I'm doing more of that. Which means my routine is all wacky. Which means my blogging gets pushed to the bottom of my to-do list. Also we are repainting all the Sunday School Rooms (which are going to look so rad and I will definitely be sharing when they are finished) which is taking up EVEN MORE of my time!
    We just hosted a Heavy Games Weekend at our house this weekend. Basically we had people come over and play those epic, long, brainy European-style board games that burn my brain and make my heart so happy! I went a bit cray on Instagram, so I'm sure you saw some of what I'm talking about. 
    Okay, let the record show I am well aware that I have the world's easiest kid. She goes to bed by 7:30 and wakes up at 7:30 the next day. Truly, I'm blessed to have a scheduled and pretty easy going little miss. But still, when she's awake I want to spend time with her so that means ALL of the things get pushed back until after 7:30. And then when those things are done, I'm not in the mood to think anymore! Blurgh. 
    Andrew and I are catching up with Korra (which I am sucking so hard at, Amy, and I'm so so sorry) and the latest season of 24 and other shows. It's our zen time at the end of the day and we both enjoy it and I don't want to give that up either. Plus the other day I was reminded how amazing the TV show Cops was so I watched that for like 2 hours while getting over a headache in bed and it was basically the best night I've had in weeks. 
Okay, so these are my public reasons why I've totally sucked all the eggs at blogging lately. Allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you stick by me and still chat with me on Twitter and hopefully are still reading these things. I seriously smiled like an idiot when I logged into Goodreads to update my books and saw that I had 6 friend requests. LOVE YOU, INTERNET. 

I promise, I'm not leaving. I may be re-imagining what I'm doing with this blog and where I'm going with the future - I gotta be me, you know? - but I'm not calling it quits. 

Y'all the best. Thank you. Bye. 

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. I hear ya! Life can get crazy sometimes -- personally, I always have trouble motivating myself to blog in the summer. Can your little miss teach my little man to sleep in? He seems to think that 6 a.m. is a good wake up time :(. I'm hoping it's just because it's stinking hot! Also booooooo to reading slumps :(. Hope your next read is spectacular! xoxo

    1. I'll check with Lucy to see if she is available for sleep tutoring. ;)

      I hope so too, Melissa! I'm starting to fall in love with Mortal Heart, so that's a good sign!

  2. I felt like this for a while at the beginning of the summer, it sucks, but I feel like it's life sometimes! And I think prioritizing all the things you've mentioned are more important than blogging, if I can say that :) I'm all for re-imagining so good luck!

    1. Oh thank you, Maggie! I do feel better knowing I'm not alone - and that what's taking me away from blogging are good things! :)

  3. Hey, everyone goes through blogging blips! You have to live your life. And us readers will be here whenever you get the chance to blog! :)

  4. Honestly, for me, it will always boil down to real life > blogging. Don't get me wrong - I love the blog, and what I do for it and with it and on it, but sometimes, you've just got to go with your gut and where the river flows and do what's best and happiest for YOU. You sound like you're embracing and enjoying all these elements of your real life, and I'm glad for that! <3


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