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Top Ten Book Peeps at My Lunch Table

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the fly honeys at The Broke and The Bookish

This week they ask the Top Ten Book Characters that would be sitting at our lunch table. 

You'll notice I have kind of a thing for strong, badass female friends. This is true in real life as well.


Audrey is snarky. She's silly. She loves music. She is HILARIOUS. She'd keep things light but totally genuine and build you up while she's at it. She'd also help you keep your cool when things get too crazy because she knows all about the pressure of life, yo.

So he'd be the token dude at the table, but that's okay! I hardly doubt Jackaby would even notice. In addition to being heady and totally out there (which I adore), he'd also be able to tell you if the lunch lady was actually a monster or just a huge B. I'd like to know, wouldn't you? 

I realize that by sitting with Fire at lunch that all the boys would be drawn to us like moths to a flame, but she's totally worth the constant stream of admirers. She's fierce, loyal, caring and badass. I want her in my life. 

I mean yeah, Hermione will be kind of a challenge. She'll totally make me feel guilty for not studying and/or cheating and/or skipping class - but we need Hermiones in our lives, you know? She keeps us balanced. She reminds us why we do what we do when we lack motivation. She'll definitely pull an all nighter with us in the library and she might even let us borrow her notes from time to time. Not to mention she's crazy loyal and sweet to boot. 

Okay so it might be weird eating lunch with a Queen, but Elisa's totally worth it. The girl loves food so you know she's packing an amazing lunch with crazy good scones, am I right? She also works a bit of magic which could be pretty fun, plus she's funny and still kinda figuring out how to be a girl and talking about her feelings regarding Hector. Let me help you be you, Elisa. 

Not gonna lie - these girls intimidate the HELL out of me, but I'm fangirling on them HARD and not sitting at their table would fill me with the most intense jealousy ever. Obviously, they'd be the head of our clique, which is totally fine by me. I'd spend my days mastering womanly arts with Sybella, honing my stealth badassery with Ismae and being well rounded with Annith. 
(review of MORTAL HEART coming on Thursday!)

Oh Viola. You captured the heart of my very favorite male character in the history of ever, but if anyone is worthy of Todd Hewitt, it's you. She's strong. She's smart. She's brave as hell. She's cool under pressure and she's seen A LOT. Let me heal you. And let me be close to Todd by being close to you as a special bonus, okay? 

No friends list is complete without Lizzie Bennet. She reminds me a bit of Audrey with her snark, wit, and humor. I would LOVE to hear the cray stories of her sisters every day while we eat and how amazing would it be to hear her whine about Darcy when you just KNOW they're going to end up together? I'm squealing just thinking about it! 

Would you want to join me and these cool kids at the lunch table? Let me know! 

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. Ah! So, I WANTED to put Elizabeth Bennet, but couldn't decide if we'd actually be friends or if it was all just wishful thinking on my part so she got left out. I FORGOT about Audrey, who should have made my list for her music taste alone. I did think of Annith and the girls, but decided I'd be too intimidated by them. :P

    1. This is ALL wishful thinking, my friend! But yes I think I would be intimidated by Lizzie for different reasons than the Annith + gang girls. :)

  2. It's funny. I think everybody and their mother would want Hermione and Elizabeth Bennet at their lunch table = smart, funny, confident women.

  3. I also have a thing for strong bad ass women characters! Hermione is a must at the lunch table and she could totally help me with the homework.

  4. Hermoine and Viola, TOTALLY. Love them.

  5. Oh good idea, Lizzie Bennett. I want her to sit at my table, too.

  6. Great choices!! Love it, your lunch table is epic!!

    -Lety @ Gone With The Words

  7. The girls from the His Fair Assassin series would be awesome additions to any lunch table! I LOVE THEM.

  8. I want to sit at your table, Lisa! It would be so much fun to chat with the girls from the His Fair Assassin series, as I adore Ismae, Sybella and Annith so. Plus, Lizzie will be there and so will Elisa and Hermione, who I adore too!


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