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Wee Reads [1]

As most of you probably know, my book review volume has gone down drastically since the arrival of my little miss. That doesn't mean I'm not reading as many books, though! They're just different. Like, 10 pages or less. And I reread a LOT more than I used to! 

But here's the truth. Not all kids books are created equal. There are books that I LOOOOVE that my peanut could care less about. Granted, she's just over a year so I don't take it personally when she doesn't adore a book that I want her to love. But there are also books that she loves that I am so sick of reading I can't stand it...but of course, reading is reading so I suck it up and read it again. And again. AND AGAIN.

And so, this new feature is born! Wee Reads will showcase books that Lucy loves. I'll toss in my two cents as well, but I'm mostly going off of her feelings and dedication to the board book du jour. 

A bit more about Lucy's reading habits before I move on to the review. We have a little tent in the living room (thanks, IKEA!) in which she will squirrel away several of her board books from her room. We catch her in there pretty often sitting in her little pink foam booster seat with a blanket and reading. My heart bursts each and every time! 

Okay, so to kick off this feature, I'm going to pick the book that I most recently cleared out of Lucy's tent. Here we go!

The Wizard of Oz Colors Primer
By Jennifer Adams
Art by Alison Oliver
Published by BabyLit
Source: Purchased at Barnes & Noble

This book is packed with about 10 different shapes/objects per color, so she loves flipping open to a page and pointing at all the different objects of that color. Some of the things are real, some of them are fantasy, but all of them are fun to look at!

The pages are full, but not busy, so she can flip through this book again and again without getting overstimulated. 

Durability! She can easily carry it around the house since it's not too heavy. It's sturdy and has handled repeated drops, reverse bending and even a bit of chewing without any damage. 

I CANNOT WAIT for her to read The Wizard of Oz later in life and kinda remember what things were or what they looked like because she had this book. Yeah, that might be wishful thinking but HOW COOL WOULD IT BE? The coolest. 

As a book geek (duhhh) I'm all about re-imaginings of classic literature. These BabyLit books are just the bee's knees, y'all. I want them all for Lucy. And you can bet the farm I'm well on my way! 

The Wizard of Oz Colors Primer by BabyLit is a definite Buy It! Lucy loves it. We love it. It teaches colors, words, provides a loose framework for classic literature and has fun illustrations. Sure, it lacks a narrative that she can follow, but the identification of colors and objects is a nice learning piece to have in your baby board book collection. 

Have you read this book before? Do you have it in your collection? Please share your thoughts! 

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. Awhhhh, what an adorable feature! I also love that she has a tent where she snuggles away with her books :D I see the start of a true reader! You know, I've only seen the movie, but I recently bought all the books from The Wizard of Oz and I'm so curious. It would be indeed fun for her to read the real deal later.

    1. Thank you! YES her reading tent is quite serious, you know. But she is always willing to let in a friend to read with her! The best.

      I've also only seen the movie. I'm glad I'm not alone! :)

  2. Glad that this one is good! We got the Jabberwocky one and I must say I was disappointed! It wasn't a primer of any sort (like several others iare). It was just the poem...abridged. It's not even that long! And they took out the entire climactic stanza. meh. pff. But yes, I think these books in general are quite fun.

    1. Oh good to know about that one. Thank you!

  3. I love this feature, Lisa! And I LOVE the BabyLit books! I was nearly traumatized one day when I recommended them to a grandparent and she went off ranting at me about how snobby and elitist she thought they were. I just thought they were adorable. D: My favorite is probably The Jungle Book one. Also the mental image of your daughter in that tend makes my heart burst as well.

    1. Thank you! I never thought for a moment they were elitist! What on earth. Books are books are books, okay? Okay.

      We have The Jungle Book one too! :)

  4. I don't even have babies, and I want these BabyLit books... TROUBLES.


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