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Wee Reads [2]

Welcome back to my feature in which Lucy & I review one of her board books!

by Sandray Boynton
Workman Publishing Company
Source: Purchased

The cadence of this book when being read is so perfect! There are parts of it that you do sing, but pretty much the entire book lends itself well to a silly tune. Lucy is a pretty big fan of that. 

Because we have other Boynton books, the pictures are familiar to her. The illustrations are clear (when I ask for a dog, she can point to the dog) but whimsical and sweet at the same time. 

The front of this book is a cutout heart, which she loves to thread her arm through. 

It is SO FUN to have a book we can sing to her! Babies love music. We love reading to her. This is a perfect blend of the two! I'm pretty sure all Boynton books are that way (confirmation on that, internet?) and we are big fans. 

The message of the book is highlighting how special your child is and that you love everything about them. It's also gender neutral (no mom + baby or daddy + son) which I've found I appreciate a whole lot with children's books. That definitely wasn't something I could have predicted before having a kid of my own, but the gender neutrality, or at least a variety of relationships being highlighted, is important to me as we build her library.

Boyton is a household name in the baby books community for a very good reason. She writes sweet books that have depth while still being whimsical and fun. DEFINITELY buy this one! 

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  1. Snuggle Puppy is a favourite in our house too! Marko is OBSESSED with puppies, and has been known to yell PUUUUPPPPPPPYYYYYY at the top of his lungs whenever he sees one, whether it's a real puppy, a picture in a book, an ad on a bus stop, etc. It's a word we hear a lot :)

  2. I love Boynton! My favorite is Happy Hippo Angry Duck, partially because I've always adored ducks and how pissed off they are for no reason. Boynton felt me on that one.

    1. I love when author's just know your heart. You win, Sandra.

  3. "Highlighting how special your child is and that you love everything about them." That is such an awesome message <3

  4. This is adorable! Going on the list of books I'm getting for Genevieve and Adela for Christmas -- Genevieve looooves dogs. This feature is so helpful in giving me suggestions for them since I'm not a mom and don't have to actively pursue kid's books!


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