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Legend of Korra Recap: Book 4 Chapter 1



Legend of Korra is back for an online only distribution for Book 4: Balance! Amy and I are here to make sure you get the highest quality recaps on the internet! So yeah, you're welcome. Anyway, let's pop off to Republic City and see what everyone is up to!

BOOK 4: CHAPTER 1 - After All These Years

First off, it is 3 years since we last saw Team Avatar. If you remember, Korra stopped a FLYING AIRBENDER to a huge personal cost to her health and we last saw her emotionally, physically, and mentally broken. We get a quick little heads up that Air Temple Island is alive and thriving, there is a park dedicated to Avatar Korra in Republic City, and there's a section where the spirit world and the living world coexist peacefully. Yay!

But...where is Korra?
YOU LOOKIN GOOD, ASAMI. All the snaps for Korra + Asami's friendship
In Republic City, Asami is still head of Sato Industries and is doing great stuff for Republic City. Mako is personal bodyguard to Prince Wu of the Earth Kingdom and doesn't much like his gig mainly because Prince Wu is a giant bidoof. It's an important job for Mako to have though since Prince Wu is the heir to the Earth Kingdom after the Queen who was admittedly cray HAD THE LIFE SUCKED OUT OF HER BODY!

Naturally, Prince Wu is a bit frightened about taking the throne because his predecessor was murdered and all that, but he definitely over-exaggerates and it's silly. Unless you're Mako. Then it's just annoying. BUT it turns out that Prince Wu is so in love with Mako's skillz that he asked him to stay on as his personal bodyguard even AFTER the coronation! Oh dear. Watching Bei Fong deliver this news is pretty fantastic. Also I miss Mako's anime hair so if that could make a comeback that would be great.

Not everyone is on board with Prince Wu taking the throne though. Turns out there's bandits roaming and pillaging the Earth Kingdom after the upheaval of the entire society. 3 years in turmoil have been hard on the Earth Kingdom, you guys. Which brings us to what the rest of Team Avatar is up to!

But...where is Korra?
Meet Kuvira. She cray. Source: The Filtered Lens
Bolin is woking with Kuvira (also known as The Great Uniter) who is offering people protection if they agree to let her manage their Earth Kingdom State. Which is basically what the mob does (at least my understanding of the mob) in that you can do what you want to do as long as SHE says it's okay and only then will she protect you. If you don't sign over to her, the bandits will continue to destroy any chance you have at survival. Obviously shady shit is going down and I have no doubt we will find out what it is. BUT the reason Bolin is with her in the first place is because he sincerely believes she's helping people and he likes to help people and he's really finding himself, okay? DO NOT BLAME BOLIN FOR THIS.

Kai and Opal are like airbending Batman and Robin flying to the rescue of Earth Kingdom States when the bandits are taking advantage. There's only so much they can do though as the Air Nation is still in its toddler stages and they are spread pretty thin. That's not to say that Kai and Opal don't do amazing, badass stuff though because they SO DO. We also get a little insight into the state of relationships too. Jinora + Kai = SOLID. Opal + Bolin = having a hard time with the long distance.

But...where is Korra?

Tenzin and crew (including a remarkably awesome Meelo scene) are ready to welcome Korra back after her recovery. But only her dad steps off the boat from the Southern Water Tribe. WHERE IS KORRA.

She's in some underground bending league getting her face beat up and pretending not to be the Avatar. THAT'S WHERE. Oh Korra. Let us help you, help you.

Oh Korra. I believe in you! Source: Recentlyheard.com
So we've got competing leadership for the Earth Kingdom - Prince Wu (flacid douchebag) or Kuvira (metal bending bully with a dark streak). Team Avatar just realized Korra is MIA. Opal and Bolin are having Problems (which is my main concern tbh).

I'm a big fan of the book being called Balance because it seems to be referring to Korra herself. The world at large seems to be doing okay so far, which I presume means Korra feels she isn't needed. BUT SHE IS. But she also has to get her shit straight first, you know? It's like how you can't be in a healthy relationship until you are healthy by yourself. That's what we've got going on here. I'm on to you, writers, and I like it very much.

I love that the writers don't shy away from serious social issues and even leave it gray it enough for us to grapple with. Obviously, we want to tell the Governor of the Earth Kingdom states just to sign Kuvira's contract so his people can eat but HE KNOWS HOW THIS WORKS. Earth Kingdom dealt with some heavy shit for a very long time. He wants something more. But something more isn't coming without the help of the Avatar. My heart just broke when he finally relents to Kuvira and says "Did I ever really have a choice?" Oh my sweet, sweet Governor. You will have a choice. I promise you this.

I also love that we didn't see Korra for the first 3/4 of the episode and it was TOTALLY LEGIT. The show has grown beyond Korra and all of the characters are so solid and each have their own role to play in Balance. My heart is just exploding with the feels, y'all.

But honestly could we have Korra + Ihro be a thing because that's really what I'm waiting for. I ship them SO HARD even though they only met once. I suppose I'd better start my letter writing campaign just to make sure...
The recap for Chapter 2 will be over at Tripping Over Books, so don't miss it!

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