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Legend of Korra Recap: Book 4 Chapter 3

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Chapter 2 - Korra Alone

Chapter 3 - The Coronation 


We see that Prince Wu continues to be a Bidoof. For reasons I can't understand, the world leaders don't seem to address the Prince's total lack of interest and knowledge of how to be the Earth King. They are equally unworried about Kuvira and think she'll just hand over total control...SO either the President of the Earth Kingdom is a corrupt bad guy or a total dumbass. Either way, Mako is still chained to Wu's side and not quite sure what to do about it so he's doing nothing which is VERY un-Mako.

Bolin and Eska reunited at the Republic City hotel! The least awkward part of the whole encounter was that Desna sleeps in the bathtub. It's awesome. Equally awesome was Bolin & Makos reunion! Adorbs. 

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Baatar and Suyin are reuinted and it's not adorable. In fact, Baatar is a pretentious asshole and Suyin is having NONE OF IT. #respect

We also have a not so subtle hint about what's coming when Kuvira tells Prince Wu that she took his Presidential Suite from him. WE GET IT. Long story short, Prince Wu has a massively disappointing coronation ceremony and Kuvira is honored. She takes that opportunity to essentially declare herself the dictator of the Earth Empire and the world leaders are somehow shocked by this but the audience applauds so I guess they're on board. 

Bolin is understandably worried, but Kuvira soothes him and Bolin needs to be needed so he sticks around. PLUS as he puts it to Mako later, it's not like King Wu is making a good run at the gig. Suyin is also worried and tells Kuvira to step down because HELLO SHE IS A DICTATOR but she doesn't and then she threatens Suyin and I'm sure we all know how well that's gonna go. Kuvira also has Varek working on some super secret technology involving spirit roots and I'm massively curious. 


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Toph is trying to help Korra get her mojo back but not without a heavy dose of crotchety surliness that we all adore. She tries to talk some sense into Korra by reminding her that the world keep spinning without it and to get over herself. Bad things happen no matter what, you know? 

Toph proceeds to kick Korra's ass all over the place in the swamp, which we discover keeps her rooted (har har har) to the rest of the world. She continues to be extremely, totally, incandescently Toph. She is everything. She even tells Korra she still has metal in her body and drops some serious knowledge on WHY Korra has such a hard time getting over all of the things. 

I cannot WAIT for Tenzin's kids to find Korra in that swamp, which should be in no time considering Jinora's connection to the spirit world. 
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- WHAT is Varek making that's so important? Why would he need to harness the power of the Spirit World?
- Will Toph sense a disturbance in the Spirit World root system? 
- Why would we see Eska again? Are she and Bolin going to have an epic romantic reunion of sorts?
- What will Mako decide to do? 
- WHERE IS IHRO. Either of them, really.
- Why wasn't the Fire Nation at the coronation?  

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