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The Walking Dead gave me an ulcer.

If you watch The Walking Dead, read on.

If you do NOT watch The Walking Dead, I suggest you catch up on Netflix. Bear in mind not all seasons/episodes are created equal. (looking at you all those episodes at Hershel's farm...)

And finally, if you did NOT watch the Season 5 premiere, you probably should do that before you read on because there will be spoilers. 


Allow me to rank the 5 best moments of The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Episode: No Sanctuary

5. Rick has his mojo back.
This is my favorite Rick. The one that is teetering precariously on the edge of right and wrong and is just SO FED UP with how terrible people are that he's becoming terrible too. I am the one egging him on from my couch. Thankfully he has Glenn to reign him in a bit when he loses himself. 

4. The Slaughterhouse Scene
Before you think I'm some maniac with a psychological disorder for claiming this as one of my favorite moments of the premiere, let me explain! 
This is huge because it shows how people have adapted to survive. I believe I yelled to my husband (through closed fingers around my eyes and face) THIS IS WHY I WANT TO DIE IN AN APOCALYPSE because there is NO WAY I am prepared to handle any of these situations at all.
The precision with how they kill the prisoners is haunting. The sterile environment gave me chills. The disassociation they have from "cattle" is beyond disturbing. And it was all done so, so well.

3. The reunion!
The group is together! No more split scenes of where people are and what they're doing! Although, I feel like the show really got its groove back when they split up after leaving the prison the last time, I'm hopeful that the group dynamics will lend itself to some excellent plots and not just wondering around forever talking about what they're going to do. 

2. The Grimes Family Reunion!

1. CAROL. 
I am so completely on board with Carol's development throughout the series. I feel like where other's have waffled and not been clear to me, Carol is the shining point. She makes hard decisions. Sometimes they're right. Sometimes they're not. For a woman who's lost a lot, she has a crazy focus on survival and views the group as her family and it is just so empowering to behold. She doesn't rely on the men of the group to make the decisions because they are MEN. She doesn't insist on getting her way because she's a WOMAN. She is a valuable member of the group and deserves every shred of respect she has. 

And the questions I have:
HOW DID CAROL BECOME CLEAN? Did she shower at Terminus? I find this unlikely.
We don't think that Tyreese killed that guy, do we? I don't. I mean for a show that shows ALL THE GORE ALL THE TIME, what's one more dead body? Suspicious, I am. 
Do we honestly believe Billy Ray Cyrus has a plan to save the world?
What is Ginger Man keeping secret from everyone else? 
Why would they show the original Terminus issues at the very end? What plot points will they provide? 

What did you think about the premiere? 
What are you looking forward to about this season? 
How many times did you cry/wince/fist pump/dry heave during the premiere? 

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. Spoilery Comment

    I know I just said a lot to you on Twitter, but I feel like my thoughts were all jumbled!

    We agree that Carol getting clean so quickly was... impossible. Maybe there was a waterfall, or a lake that we couldn't see. She also had on this massive poncho, so maybe she just took that off and wiped her face and hair with the inside. I still think she was a little too squeaky clean.

    I do think Tyreese killed that guy, though I do think it's suspicious that he didn't let Carol go inside. He didn't panic or rush to stop her, but he did tell her it was "taken care of." I also think that he probably smashed his brain in with his massive HULK FISTS OF FURY.

    I don't trust the weird guy who says he knows how to fix the world. He was shady when they questioned him, plus Red was being all weird in the end. I think he just wants to get them all heading to Washington, but it seems fishy.

    I think they show the original Terminus scenes, because I think we are going to see those bad, bad men again. I think they have Beth, or they are going to come across them sometime soon. I think they are going to find a very screwed up beth.

    1. Oooh yes good point. BRC obviously wants them all to go to Washington but if he doesn't have a cure (which I don't think he does) then WHAT does he want to go there for? Interesting.

      I am inclined to agree with you regarding the Beth and Terminus men.

  2. Also, Rick was VERY SPECIFIC about how he would kill the Main Bad Dude, Garrett, I think. Machete with the red handle... I think we will be seeing him again, and I think Rick will keep his promise/threat.

  3. Jacob just made a good point... He said that in the world they live in now, there would be no good reason for someone to just snatch up another person (Beth). They would be another mouth to feed, and another person to protect. Nothing good can come of that.

  4. Oh my goodness but I loved that episode! I am really eager to see what Morgan has to do with upcoming episodes. Will he find Rick's group? I am so, so excited for this upcoming season! And I am going to try catch up with the comics so maybe I can get an idea of what migh happen. Lol!

    1. RIGHT? It was INTENSE. Yes how will Morgan fit with everything? Who is leaving the carving in the trees?

      I was just asking around to see if the comics matched up with the show so you'll have to keep me posted! Spoiler free, of course! ;) Thanks for reading!


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