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Any craft nerds out there?

So here's the deal. In addition to being an avid reader and gamer, I've kinda got a sweet spot for crafting too. I KNOW. There aren't enough hours in the day, y'all.

Since Bookish Broads is my home for book reviews and stuff now, that leaves Lisa is Busy Nerding open to interpretation. I'll still throw stuff out there like my thoughts on movies and TV shows and video games and other random stuff I find that I think is cool, but I'd also like to expand a bit and include some crafty things from time to time. I hope you're down with that sort of thing!

Anyway, I have been given a couple HUGE opportunities that I'd like to start sharing with you! The first is that my mother-in-law LOVES to foster my creative outlet with cardmaking stuff (hellooooo free things!) and I've also got a Cricut Explore at home that I use all the time and I just want to share that stuff with someone who CARES and not just my husband who's like "oh that's nice." I mean I get that Andrew's not going to be all "Lisa, you NAILED IT with that color combination" but I want someone to say that, you know? Sure you do.

Long story short, I'm gonna start doing crafty things on here. If you have requests/ideas/suggestions/want to get your craft nerd on with me. HOLLA!