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Cleaning Printables

I've been crazy behind with the cleaning around my house lately. I try to do a little bit each night, but I keep thinking of 100 other things I need to do and then I just feel overwhelmed and like I'm NEVER caught up! So I do what I always do when I feel overwhelmed - TO PINTEREST.

On Pinterest I found dozens of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules. I was like YES I NEED THIS but it wasn't my exact fit. I wanted to include specific jobs like cleaning up Lucy's room or going through our basement piece by piece (storage city), and that wasn't on those schedules. So then I looked for a customizable one, didn't find it, and thought I'd better create one!  Check it out after the break...

Why I'm a Cricut Fangirl

Last year for my birthday, my husband Andrew got me a Cricut Explore. For those who don't know what that is, it's an electronic cutting machine that makes crafting 100x easier, more efficient and loads of fun!

The reason I got a Cricut Explore instead of a Silhouette or another brand of cutting machine was because I'd heard of Cricut and that's where I started my research. I watched videos and stuff, but ultimately I went with Cricut because the newest machine was coming out and I was starting to really get into crafting and things just HAPPENED, you know?

Since using the Cricut Explore and becoming more familiar with the Cricut universe, I can say that I am 100% a Cricut Fangirl. Let me tell you why.

More big news!

This day just doesn't stop, y'all! First I get to share my BRAND NEW BLOG design with you and then I got the green light to share some very exciting news from Cricut...

New design!

Oh you guys I am SO VERY excited to unveil my brand new blog design! If you're reading this post in a RSS reader or on Bloglovin', do me a solid and check it out proper! I promise it's worth it.

Lisa is Busy Crafting: Valentine's Wreath (1)

Hey guys! Yep, another new feature. I figure the most sensible direction for me to head with this blog is to follow my passion in crafting. I'll have some other posts explaining more on that later next week, but for now let's get to the good stuff, yeah? 

From the poll I threw up a few days ago, the responses were pretty much all over the board between wanting to learn more about cards, paper crafting, gifts, and other general crafty things. Which is AWESOME because I like all of those things! So a variety will be happening. I like how well rounded y'all are. Stick around, please! 

For real though, now it's time to check out what I made for the inaugural Lisa is Busy Crafting! 

Wear it Wednesday: Gallifrey Grad (4)

On Wednesdays, we wear geek. 

I shouldn't like this as much as I do, but I just can't help myself!
(yes it's at Hot Topic and yes I guess that's still a thing?)

Hey you! I need your insight.

As you know, I'm still trying to search out what it is I want to do with Lisa is Busy Nerding, and I'd like some help!

I'm starting to post more crafty things over here because I sincerely enjoy that sort of thing. BUT I will craft whether I post it or not...so what I want to know is what YOU find the most helpful! Take .47 seconds and click through this poll for me, will you? Pretty please?


Christmas Cards!

I'm just a BIT late in posting this, but I wanted to share a variety of the Christmas cards I made this year! Yes, I made all of my Christmas cards. No, I didn't think it would zap so much time making almost 50 homemade UNIQUE Christmas cards. Yes, I am a noob. No, I won't make the same mistakes I did last year. Yes, I WILL DO IT AGAIN NEXT YEAR because it's still super duper fun!

Come on! On to the cards!