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Cleaning Printables

I've been crazy behind with the cleaning around my house lately. I try to do a little bit each night, but I keep thinking of 100 other things I need to do and then I just feel overwhelmed and like I'm NEVER caught up! So I do what I always do when I feel overwhelmed - TO PINTEREST.

On Pinterest I found dozens of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules. I was like YES I NEED THIS but it wasn't my exact fit. I wanted to include specific jobs like cleaning up Lucy's room or going through our basement piece by piece (storage city), and that wasn't on those schedules. So then I looked for a customizable one, didn't find it, and thought I'd better create one!  Check it out after the break...

There are 3 pages like this. Surely you work on your
grandma's cedar chest while your kid plays kitchen?

The first thing I did was write down ALL of the things I want to get done around the house by room. Don't worry about weekly/monthly/quarterly at this point. Just brain dump! The lists on Pinterest were super helpful in this area as it would help me break down "the bathroom" into smaller tasks like "bathroom sinks" and "showers/tubs", thereby making the jobs feel significantly less overwhelming. 

Honestly, this part gave me the most relief. There's something about just dumping ALL THE THOUGHTS jumbling around in your brain that just soothes the soul, you know? 

Then I took all of those things, made a few pretty graphics, and broke down what I want to get done weekly (and daily) based on room. This part took a bit more time, but again it was so zen to get it hammered out! If you're looking for the fonts I used, the handwritten script one is "In Screaming Color" and the print font is "CF Jack Story" - I downloaded both of them from www.dafont.com. 

So I have the weekly masterlist and I also made a monthly list of things I want to accomplish. Those are more deep-cleaning items (like grout...shudder) that I routinely put off. I also left some blank spaces for items I want to write in (like maybe putting up Christmas decorations, getting the deck ready for summer, etc) that come up occasionally but don't have to be done monthly. 


Yes after all that we are FINALLY on to the daily breakdown of tasks! This is totally up to you based on your individual schedule, which is why I thought it important to make my own and to provide a customizable format. Because for me, Mondays are usually meeting free and pretty relaxed, so I can put a few more items on my cleaning task list! But maybe you have inter-mural volleyball on Mondays, or maybe you always go to your in-laws for dinner on Monday nights so you can't do these many things. I get it man. Life is hard. But lists are easy! 

On Wednesday, my tasks are a LOT less intense since Wednesday is a busy day for me. However, we usually have a sitter come on Wednesday nights so I liked to try and take care of the area's she'd be coming through or spending time in as my focus (except the Master Bedroom - those were just easy ones to get done). So again, you can see that it's super nice to bust out your own schedule verses one that is already totally and completely made!

Here's where the deep cleaning tasks come in. By the weekend, most of my "weekly" cleaning is all done! Which is very exciting news in general, but also great because then I can start working on the deep cleaning tasks periodically. I spent an entire day last week deep cleaning and it was the freaking WORST and I vowed never to ever do it again. Like, EVER. So this is a way to naturally integrate the deep cleaning stuff with the weekly schedule. Plus, if we're gone for a weekend or busy for a few weekends in a row, it's not like my BIG weekly items (bathrooms/kitchen) are put off to the point of severe sanitary distress. 

So here's what I've done for you! I made a customizable worksheet/printable for you to start working through your weekly cleaning stuff! It looks like this:
I went ahead and changed the titles to be more inclusive, since I'm assuming not all of you have a Lucy's Room or Mudroom. Then, when you're ready to make your daily lists, you can! I made little images of the different headers so you can copy and paste and print to your heart's content! 

Alright, and here is the giant culmination of my OCD/nerdery - I printed these off and laminated them so that I didn't have to print them again and again. I just use a dry erase marker and cycle through as needed. I also punched a hole in the corner and put them on a ring and they hang where I can see them, or take them with me to another room. Convenience! 

I hope you find these printables and the process of making a weekly cleaning schedule as helpful as I did for your sanity and cleanliness! 
If you end up using it, please let me know!


Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. I am so in love with this post, Lisa! I can't wait to print these out for my own use (and will totally be stealing your lamination idea too), particularly since I want our new apartment to definitely stay clean ;)

    1. Yayyyy! The laminating has gone really well - the dry erase rubs right off!

    2. Yayyyy! The laminating has gone really well - the dry erase rubs right off!

  2. Lovely checklist! I also like spending time in Pintrest searching for cleaning hacks or checklists I can use. I know that a cleaning checklists is a personal thing but sometimes looking to other people's schedules you get great ideas! Thanks you for sharing! You did amazing job! The design is so cute!


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