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More big news!

This day just doesn't stop, y'all! First I get to share my BRAND NEW BLOG design with you and then I got the green light to share some very exciting news from Cricut...

As you may or may not know, I'm a Product Expert for Cricut (more on that here) and I'm actually sharing HOW that came to be later in the week, but this news simply cannot wait for my back story with the company.

THERE IS A SOFTWARE UPDATE COMING AND IT IS GLORIOUS! Let me tell you that as someone who grew up with computers, I still crave simplicity and intuition when it comes to software. I really like Design Space. But Design Space 2.0 is GORGEOUS. I've had the opportunity to beta test it and I am in love with how streamlined and how they obviously had the user in mind with their changes.

I can't share screenshots with you at this time, or any specifics about what is updated. But here are 5 words that describe the new software experience.


Ashish, the Cricut CEO will be making an official announcement on the Cricut Facebook page - so watch for that today at 11:15 CST! (like SUPER SOON)

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