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How to edit text in Cricut Design Space 2.0

Another Cricut Design Space 2.0 video showing you how streamlined and intuitive the software update has become? YOU KNOW IT.

Here I show you how to edit text (keeping in mind I am NOT a professional user on any scale, just know how to tweak things a bit). 

Uploading & Editing Images in Cricut Design Space 2.0

A great feature of the Design Space (new and old) is the ability to upload your own images. Cricut has streamlined the process for 2.0 and I show you the latest and greatest! 

First, uploading your own image is crazy easy. Check it out! 

And now, to edit those images that you've uploaded...

See how easy that is?!

(note: I did not actually print the Avengers logo and do not claim to own it)

The New Cricut Landing Page

One of the best things about the Cricut user experience is the landing page to Design Space that has all sorts of different ideas and project inspirations to get you started. I'm not the most creative of people, so I work much better with an idea than creating everything from scratch. 

Design Space 2.0 has really updated and innovated that part of the crafting experience! Check it out! 

Isn't it so beautiful and streamlined?! 
I'm such a fan. 

Cricut Design Space 2.0: The Image Library

As mentioned in previous Cricut Design Space 2.0 posts, there have been significant upgrades to the user experience. The most obvious changes I noticed were in the Image Library. I shot a little video to show you the latest and greatest! 

What new features are you most excited about? 
Do share! 

Cricut Explore Air - Design Space 2.0 Preview

I'm so excited to share with you some of the screenshots of the new Cricut Design Space 2.0! I highlight a few different things I'm excited about - but mostly it is more gorgeous, even easier to use, and very, very, very user friendly! Check out the video for more.

This was my first time screencapping, so forgive my repetition and misspeaking at times! I'll get better, I promise. :) I also see it's a bit fuzzy, so I'll know to use a different setting next time.

ANYWAY - I look forward to sharing more of the Cricut Design Space 2.0 with you very soon!

Cricut Explore Air Debut!

Oh you guys, how I have waited for the day that I can share this with you! Behold, the glory of the brand new Cricut Explore Air. 

There she is, side by side with the Cricut Explore. The most notable differences for the new machine are twofold - the color (a gorgeous, soft, yet very much 'in' blue) and the Bluetooth capability.

Oh that's right. I said Bluetooth. As in wireless. As in if you have a device with Bluetooth capability, you can pair this machine - with a computer or an Ipad. FOR REAL.. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First thing's first. Let's get this baby outta the box!

Okay I really need to get better about saying things in a coherent way. I'll work on that, I swear. This time I will blame my repetition and leaving out information or saying the wrong thing due to the fact that I was VERY EXCITED to have this baby in my hot little hands! 

I couldn't stop staring at the machine. I know that's silly for numerous reasons, but man oh man do I like that blue accent. The green is nice too of course given that's Cricut's signature color, but this just seemed fresh and exciting! And BLUEtooth and all so blue was obvious, I suppose. 

Okay so when I was finally able to break my gaze, I plugged everything in, fired it up, and got started on the installation process! The booklet in the box tells you what you need to do leading up to pairing the device with your computer, including starting off with a project that uses the materials that came in the box!


After! Let's cut!

If you've never used a Cricut before, or if you're not so great with computers - do not fear. The Cricut team has made HUGE changes to the installation process to make it incredibly simple and quick. Check it out!

Okay okay okay okay you guys I'm going to scurry off and film about 100 more videos and make about 1 billion cards and banners and ALL THE THINGS I am so excited! 

Stay tuned for more in this Cricut Explore Air series! In the meantime, happy crafting! 

A word from Cricut...

BIG CHANGES ARE COMING, Y'ALL. Okay that is not the official Cricut announcement but those are my big feelings about it. Here are more professional words and coherent thoughts on what's coming soon to the Cricut universe!

As announced previously, we will be releasing Design Space 2.0 with significant improvements in speed, reliability and performance.

Design Space 2.0 will also work with the new Design Space for iPAD, a free app which is scheduled for release in the App Store shortly after.

Given the magnitude of the upgrades and to ensure the best experience moving forward, we will need to take Design Space, Cricut.com and Cricut Craft Room temporarily offline on Monday, February 16th from 6:00 am MST through 11:59 pm MST.

This is an update from a previous announcement so please consider this final.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We know some of you were planning to craft on President’s Day.

iPad APP

I am feeling faint. You should be too.

But since you know this outage is coming - CRAFT WHILE YOU CAN! And then prepare for the glory of Design Space 2.0 which I've already told you is gorgeous, intuitive, streamlined, clean and intentional.

My first card challenge!

You guys, I was SO EXCITED to finally cut my teeth on a card challenge! I started super duper easy with a Clean and Simple challenge (which is kinda my style anyway) and the theme was "love".

I had thank you cards to make and a CAS challenge to attend to - the stars aligned and I was ready to fire up the Cricut Explore and get crackin! Click on through and I'll show you how I got there.

Recent Recipes

So I fully intended to post a Week In Review last week and then LIFE, you know? But the good news is I took notes and kept a list of the highlights to share to recap what's been going on lately! And then I realized that list was mostly good recipes as my best intentions for crafting kinda fell by the wayside...

I guess this isn't so much a week in review as it is a A Few Weeks Maybe I Guess Probably in Recipe Format. But you get the point.

To the good stuff!

I'm having dreams of this machine...

Cricut crafters probably saw this news out there already, as it happened a couple weeks ago, but I still can't get it out of my head and want to share with you all the reasons why I am crossing every finger and every toe that this gorgeous Anna Griffin Cuttlebug will be mine one day!

Anna Griffin® Cuttlebug™ Machine with Folders

Learn more after the jump!

Media Binge: Why I'm loving Gotham

I'm at a pretty weird spot in my TV watching as of late in that I'm not like CRAZY OBSESSED watching a series on Netflix (though I still need to finish Friday Night Lights - I knowww) so I'm just treading water with my few shows that are currently on the air. My current favorite is absolutely, positively, Gotham.