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Cricut Design Space 2.4 - What's New!

Cricut has rolled out some updates to Design Space that are pretty darn nifty! I took some screenshots in lieu of shooting a video since I'm still recovering from a rockin' sinus infection and so it's probably best for everyone that we avoid my man voice and excessive coughing while trying to film, yes? Yes. 

New Feature: Insert Shape
Basic shapes and the score line image can easily be added to the canvas by clicking this convenient button. 

New Feature: Align & Distribute
When multiple images are selected, you can now easily align and distribute them on your canvas. This eliminates the need to use the canvas borders to line up your images.

New Feature: Improved Image Handles
The image handles have been re-sized and will remain the same size, regardless of the zoom level. They also temporarily disappear when dragging the image. This is to improve visibility when positioning images. 

Other New Features
Support for Cricut Explore One
When an Explore One is connected, Design Space will prompt the user to change between pens, scoring tool, and the blade housing as needed. 
They've also fixed some bugs and issues that have been reported by Cricut users. 

So that's the latest and greatest for Design Space on the web!
Happy designing, y'all!

Wear it Wednesday: Mother's Day Edition!

Wear it Wednesday is a feature in which I highlight nerdariffic things to wear. 
This time, it's all about the mommas! 

Keep on going after the jump to see what I recommend for geek chic Mother's Day gifts!

1000 Twitter Follower Giveaway!

So it finally happened. 
I hit 1000 followers on Twitter!

Which of course is cause for celebration! 
And what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway?

5 Highly Anticipated YA ARCs (Advance Review Copies)
A set of washi tape bookmarks
A customized set of your choice of homemade greeting cards
You can choose 5 cards from the following options: 
General Greeting
Thank You
Thinking of You 
New Baby
Anything else you can think of! 
(for example, you could choose 3 birthday cards, a thank you card and a new baby card. OR 1 sympathy card, 2 thank you cards, and 2 birthday cards. You get to choose!)

You must be a follower on Twitter and RT the image, or tweet the link to this post, to enter!
Be sure you tag me in the tweet so I can count your entry.
You must also be a US resident. 
Otherwise, that's it! You don't need to be a blogger or a crafter or anything. 
If you have a US address and you tweet this picture in some way or form, you're entered! 
Contest ends Monday, May 11th. 

Thanks for following! Good luck! 

Helpful Cricut Links

Hey Cricut users! I know sometimes we have questions and we don't want to ask the Facebook groups or one another for whatever reason. Maybe we feel like it's a dumb question. Maybe we feel like we should know the answer. Maybe we feel like people won't know it because it's too technical! 

Never fear. I have a list of links that should help you with just about every question you have! 


Cricut FAQs (Click on Cricut Explore)
Cricut Explore Getting Started
Helpful Videos
User Manual for Cricut Explore
User Manual for Design Space for PC/MAC and iPad
Cricut’s Official YouTube Channel featuring helpful videos

Craft on, happy crafters!

Around the House: Favorite Organizational Tools (1)

I have a confession to make. I'm kind of an organizational junkie. That's not to say that I'm the most organized person on the planet, but it IS to say that I REALLY like organizational tools and products and apps. 

So, being that junkie that I am, I've decided to start a new series sharing with you my favorite organizational tools! Woo! 

I'm kickin' it off with the cornerstone of my organizational life, and my life in general: Remember the Milk. Check it, yo.

Do you use a to-do list app?
If so, what do you use? 
Are you interested in using an app for list-making, or are you a paper die hard? 

Happy organizing, y'all! 

Welcome the latest member of the Cricut Family: Cricut Explore One!

VERY exciting news has dropped from the Cricut powers that be lately! They are rolling out a brand new machine, and it might not be what you expect...

Chrome Users - Design Space Workaround

Those of you who use Chrome as your web browser (as well you should - IT RULES) will notice that Design Space is not currently working. That's because Google Chrome started rolling out an update ahead of schedule, so some plug-ins (such as Design Space) aren't working properly.

But never fear, dear crafters. Cricut has your back!

Here's how you can work around the Chrome incompatibility for the time being from the brains at Cricut:

This morning Google Chrome started rolling out a new version update. This new version from Google has dropped your Design Space plugin. (We know, it’s a pain!) Here are a few quick and easy steps to check your version and restore the plugin.

1. Open Google Chrome.
2. In the upper right corner, click on the menu icon (it looks like three horizontal bars).
3. Choose “About Google Chrome” from the drop-down menu.
4. Check your version.
a. If it is version 42.0.2311.90, continue with step 5.
b. If your version is lower than 42.0.2311.90, wait for the update to complete then move on to step 5. (Make sure to “allow” if your computer gives you a prompt. You may also need to refresh your browser to see the update.)
5. Copy and paste chrome://flags/#enable-npapi into your address bar.
6. You will see “Enable NPAPI” highlighted. Click “enable”.

7. Now you are ready to go back to Design Space. You will be prompted to reload your plugin.

Craft on, crafters!

Washi Tape Craft Projects!

I've been away for awhile - both from the blog and from crafting - and I'VE MISSED IT SO MUCH YOU GUYS. But the bug has bitten and I just can't deny it anymore, so I do whenever I'm feeling crafty but have absolutely no idea WHAT to do with that creativity...I go to Pinterest.

I've compiled a few ideas for what may very well be my next crafty project! And as you can see, it will involve washi tape because I cannot get enough of it lately. I just can't.

If you have a suggestion for which one you'd like to see me make, be sure to let me know in the comments! Otherwise these have all been pinned and will pop up periodically as a reminder that I wanted to do this at one point in life.

so many possibilities. im thinking of a scripture canvas that i paint, do washi tape, then modge podge or laquer. hmmm..... Omiyage Blogs: DIY Washi Tape Script Cards
I mean can we talk about how easy this is to do with the Cricut? 
I could crank out DOZENS of these things in no time! 
I love the whimsical simplicity.

Washi tape card - bunny rabbit via Etsy
Again, this would be a breeze with the Cricut but think of the potential!
Easter cards. Valentine's cards. Birthday cards. 
Just for fun cards with elephants or llamas! Oh yes please.

Different colors of washi tape on card stock, then die cut feathers.
FEATHERS. I love this trend and have yet to do anything about it. 
Could it be fate hast brought me together with washi tape AND feathers?!
How can I possibly resist? (I cannot)

oh mah gaaawd. DIY Washi Tape Stickers!
I've also been bitten by the crafty journal bug (maybe all the crafty bugs are related?).
I have a post coming up that will detail this obsession, but in the meantime, this is pinned to remind me what I want to do in the not too distant future! 

Page using tape and favourite quotes. Blog post is about her new smash book featuring favourite quotes.
I'm not saying I have the creative mojo to make a smash book, but I am saying I have loads of washi tape and would LOVE to integrate that into my journals! 
How fun is this?! 

Washi magnetic bookmarks. How clever and very useful!  Could also use in planner as well!
I saw this and definitely had one of those WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT moments!
It's so simple, sweet, and thoughtful. What a great little booster gift! 
I can just imagine giving someone a book as a gift with a half dozen of these included.
And as someone else mentioned, they would be great to use in journals and planners too! 

Do you have any suggestions for which I should get moving on first?
Are there any other great washi tape projects you think I should check out? 

Happy crafting!