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Wear it Wednesday: Book Cuff

Metal cuffs are in right now, and while I feel like my arms aren't long enough to pull off the look, I might be willing to risk it to sport Jane Eyre and friends on my arm! 

Around the House: Favorite Organizational Tools (2)

I'm back with my next installment on my all time favorite organizational tools! Last time I showed you Remember the Milk which is my die hard go to app that I use every day. This time, I'm kickin' it a bit more old school by showing you the latest member to my organizational family - the Foxy Dori. 

Products mentioned:

Tutorials Mentioned:

Do you use a planner?
Do you have an all time favorite pen or notebook?
Share your ideas and suggestions below!

Card Challenge: Sketch Challenge 541

I made this card for the Card Sketches challenge on Split Coast Stampers. I'm in the midst of making a set of cards for the winner of my 1000 follower giveaway, and I thought I'd try to hit as many challenges in the process! I know, sometimes I do have really great ideas. 

Here's the template: 

Here's my card:

The winner wanted a "new baby" card for a girl, and thought this would be a little different twist from the standard "Congrats on your baby!" sentiment, you know? 

Materials used:
Yellow Cardstock
White Cardstock
Light Pink Cardstock
Dark Pink Cardstock
Cricut Explore to cut the "Baby Cakes", flags, card & squares
Embosser & Dots Embossing Folder
Double sided tape
Micro Glue Dots
Glue Pen

Cricut Portable Trimmer: An Overview

A paper trimmer is a must-have for any paper crafter. In the words of the mighty Dothraki: It is known. But we also know that not all paper trimmers are created equal. Here's an overview of the latest Portable Trimmer from Cricut! 

Media Binge: Avengers: Age of Ultron

I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron about a week ago and I've had some time to think about it, fangirl about it, and think about it some more. 

Overall, this was a VERY enjoyable movie...but there were some areas that I felt pretty meh about. 

Keep reading to find out more!

Cutting with Foam

We know you can use the Cricut Explore to cut paper, cardstock, fabric, and all sorts of materials. That's old news. BUT did you know you can also cut foam? Oh yes, friends. It's true! 

It might seem a little daunting to cut foam with your Cricut if you've never done it before, but never fear. I have a handy dandy how-to prepared for you! Let's get started. 

First thing you'll need (besides a Cricut Explore) is a Cricut Explore Deep Cut Blade. This is a handy little guy to have around and at less than $10, it's an investment that's well worth it. You can cut chipboard, posterboard, and all other sorts of thicker materials with this baby! Welcome it into your crafty family with open arms. 

For comparison's sake, you can see the standard blade and the deep cut blade are significantly different. The blade is absurdly easy to assemble and you can pop it easily in and out of your Cricut without any issues. 

All you do to insert the deep cut blade is lift that little gray lever sideways, which opens the slot. Take out the regular blade, put in the deep cut blade, and you're ready to roll! It is honestly that easy. Pinky promise. 

After you select the image you want to cut, stick the foam on the cutting mat (smooth side down, textured side up) and "load" it into the machine by clicking on the arrow button on your Cricut Explore.

This is important - turn your dial to "Custom" and the Explore will come up with a new prompt screen to allow you to select the exact foam product you're using! 

Under "select material", click on the drop down menu until you find the product you're using. I used the "distressed foam" so I clicked on "Foam, Distressed" that had the Cricut listed  next to it since it is an official Cricut product. There are SO MANY different products and materials out there - and this makes it CRAZY easy to make sure the settings are just right! 

Cut the foam! I used 2 colors (you probably don't want to use a complex image with the foam) that would really highlight the clean cut. This peeled right off of my cutting mat without leaving any residue and I had no issues cutting. Quick and easy!

Assemble! I used straight up Glue Dots to put these pieces of foam together and it worked like a charm. 

That's it! 
It's really that easy. 
I hope you enjoy getting to use this new material!
Let me know what you make (or plan to make) with the foam sheets!

Hello, new love.

So you guys remember my post a few days ago about getting bit by the craft bug to do some Washi Tape projects?

IT HAS BEGUN in the very best way possible!

Just when I started getting the itch to Washi Tape everything, I had the opportunity to try a new product from Cricut coming out soon...
That's right. Washi Sheets! Here's what I love about them:
1. They are 12x12 so they fit perfectly on my Cricut Cutting Mat
2. The patterns are ADORABLE and unique and so very fun. 
3. They are VERY easy to use! It cuts like a dream and takes minimal weeding to get the finished product from the paper to your card/project. 

With 5 sheets per pack and countless possibilities, this is definitely my new crafting love. 

Check out what I made on my first go!
Yeah, they're pretty basic but I was getting a hang of the material first! 

You can bet the farm I'll be using these adorable Washi Sheets to decorate my Moleskine notebooks in my brand new GORGEOUS FoxyDori! 
There will be a whole post about that soon, trust. 

What are you excited to make with these Washi Sheets?!