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Cricut Portable Trimmer: An Overview

A paper trimmer is a must-have for any paper crafter. In the words of the mighty Dothraki: It is known. But we also know that not all paper trimmers are created equal. Here's an overview of the latest Portable Trimmer from Cricut! 

First - some highlighted features! 

A - The handle is a little bigger than other paper trimmers I've used, which makes it easier to hold on to and slide easily. 
B - I tested this trimmer on cardstock and paper of different weights and textures and I was very happy with the clean cuts it provided every time. 
C - The more measuring marks, the better! I don't want to have to mark my paper every time I want to make a cut. 
D - Blade storage within the trimmer is GENIUS. 
E - Swing-out arm makes cutting 12x12 pages (and bigger) so easy. 
F - More lines = easier measuring = more exact cuts. Easy as that. 

Like I said, not all paper trimmers are created equal. My favorite paper trimmer (before he Cricut one, of course) was my Fiskars notebook trimmer. Sure, it's smaller and I know there are bigger Fiskars on the market, but I was happy with this little portable guy! I can take with with me to work or downstairs or wherever else without bringing the whole guillotine. 

The biggest difference between the Cricut Paper Trimmer and my Fiskars Trimmer was how the blades are on their runner system. Here, let me show you: 

You can see the Fiskars blade has a wire runner next to it to keep it in place and has a bit of a deeper cut appearance. The Cricut blade does not have a wire runner, but is instead held in place by the plastic housing around the edge of the handle which creates a very secure, steady cut. 

They both have grooves with which the blade cuts and continuous markings, but the Cricut has more markings which helps with a more accurate cut when you're measuring specific sizes and don't want to make marks BEFORE you cut your paper. 

As far as how they cut: very similar. Like I said before, I tested lots of weights and textures of paper and cardstock and was pleased with the results. No rough edges or tears or anything with either machine. 

As far as how they look: Cricut wins HANDS DOWN for the gorgeous aesthetic. I mean it's white and gray aka what my dreams are made of! 

I love the way it looks.
I love the way it cuts.
I love that it has inches and millimeters for exact measurements.
At a $15 price point, it's an absolute must have for your craft room!

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. Going to have to check this one out.....I'm always looking for a great cutter! Right now I own The smaller Fiskars like you have and the rotory one as well but I also have the Recollections one, Paper Studio, Martha Stewart, Making Memories, We R Memory Keepers and Cutterbee. Yep I'm addicted to cutters! LOL

    1. That's AMAZING that you have so many trimmers! Massive envy right here!


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